World Chambers Federation

WCF announces General Council nominees

ICC World Chambers

The World Chambers Federation (WCF) of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has announced the nomination of 48 chamber leaders from around the world, standing to fill 20 seats on the WCF General Council.

Workshop to promote ATA Carnet system in Qatar

ATA Carnet

The benefits of the ATA Carnet system and procedure for implementing it will be the topic of a three-day workshop in Qatar organized by the World Customs Organization (WCO) in cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – through its World Chambers Federation (WCF).

Certificate of Origin experts meet in Paris to strengthen trade documentation

Occasional Intermediary Contract

Trade experts from Chambers of Commerce in more than 30 countries have met at the ICC Hearing Centre in Paris for the latest in a series of dialogues on recent developments in Certificates of Origin (CO), including electronic certificates of origin (eCOs), the issuance of preferential certificates of origin (PCOs), and Self-Certification.

Long-standing partnership looks ahead to help young entrepreneurs

United Nations

Today’s youth is an invaluable resource for development and is critical to the transformation of the global economic, social and political landscape, Anthony Parkes, Director of ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF) said during the Junior Chamber International (JCI) World Congress in Rio de Janeiro last week.

Bahrain on way to joining global ATA Carnet network

ATA Carnet

Aiming to raise awareness about the benefits and the procedures for the implementation of the ATA Carnet system in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) hosted a two-day workshop on 24-25 September for Customs, chamber staff and business.

China membership bolsters Certificates of Origin Accreditation Chain

ICC World Chambers

China has become the latest country to join the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) World Chambers Federation (WCF) International Certificates of Origin (CO) Accreditation Chain. China’s membership will strengthen the committee’s work to promote the role of Chambers in the delivery of trade facilitation services, especially to small- and medium-sized businesses.

ICC and chamber partners to create broad-based G20 council

United Nations

ICC, with its global network of national committees, the ICC World Chambers Federation, and Junior Chambers International (JCI) – at the 8th World Chambers Congress in Doha – agreed to launch the ICC G20 Business Advisory Council.