Chamber Model Innovation (CMI)

Chambers Model Innovation is a framework designed to fast-track chamber-led innovation around the world. The methodology was approved and adopted at the 12th World Chambers Congress in 2021.

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Developed with Dubai Chambers, Chamber Model Innovation is a process which can be used by any chamber to design new customer services and streamline existing services to meet customer needs. The framework allows fast, cost-effective prototyping and testing of the service before a chamber commits resources and time for it. It also allows chambers to capture value while helping customers grow their business. 

To roll out Chamber Model Innovation adoption globally, ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF) has launched a series of initiatives: 

What is the Chamber Model Innovation playbook?

The Chamber’s Business Model Innovation playbook, available to members in five languages, provides a roadmap of best practices, tools and case studies for chambers. It offers advise on how to efficiently and successfully integrate the Chamber Model Innovation framework within a chamber. 

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Enhance your learning

A Chamber Model Innovation training session complements the Chamber Model Innovation playbook. This engaging and informative session walks you through key concepts, case studies, and practical applications, providing a dynamic learning experience for you and your team.

How to access Chamber Model Innovation materials

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