About ICC Dispute Resolution

We support the continuity of global trade by helping businesses prevent and resolve their disputes through our case management services. In so doing, we provide access to justice and the rule of law to facilitate peace, prosperity, and opportunity through global trade.

What sets us apart?


We level the global playing field by providing parties with predictable, cost-effective and efficient solutions in arbitration, mediation, expert determination, dispute boards and other services.


We are the world’s most trusted provider of dispute resolution services, promoting access to justice, integrity and the rule of law to enable business to promote peace, prosperity and opportunity for all. 


We set the gold standard for service through long experience, unmatched expertise and our unique global network. And we do this with full independence and integrity – with no ties to political, industrial or other interests. 


As the only dispute prevention and resolution provider that is truly international, we provide our services via a global network of offices, across time zones, through a diverse team of law professionals and in more than a dozen languages. 


As the pace of change accelerates, so do we. Our legacy serves as a solid foundation to propel us forward, and helping us shape the future of international commerce and dispute resolution. 

WHAT we do

Companies need to resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can focus on their core priorities. We are the one-stop shop for all dispute resolution and avoidance needs of businesses everywhere. Our range of services help businesses actively avoid, manage and resolve disputes without recourse to courts. 

WHY we do it 

In an increasingly tumultuous global trade environment, the number of cross-border commercial disputes is on the rise. These disputes are costly, time-consuming and disrupt business continuity. Companies need to resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can focus on their core priorities – growth, innovation and business.  

To resolve disputes effectively and efficiently, businesses need a fair process and equal access to justice. Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms give parties fast, predictable, cost effective and efficient access to justice which is why businesses systematically include arbitration and ADR clauses in their commercial contracts. 

HOW we do it 

In  a crowded field of arbitral institutions and dispute resolution services, businesses need a partner that delivers the highest level of service – a partner that guarantees neutrality, transparency, quality, efficiency, accessibility and fairness, and one that delivers universally respected and enforceable arbitral awards. Above all, they need a partner that understands their business priorities. 

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The ICC DRS app is the only official tool from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that brings together the work of its International Court of Arbitration and International Centre for ADR.