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An online community platform and a global network created for chambers.

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What is it ?

Chambers Connect is an online community platform created exclusively for Chambers of Commerce.

Through this platform, chambers will be able to:

  • Engage in conversations within chambers’ group discussions 
  • Stay updated with the latest chamber events and initiatives worldwide 
  • Download useful resources from our online library of publications, reports, guidelines on chamber management operations and best practices 
  • Create and share posts, articles, and relevant material 

​​The ​​​​Chambers Connect community platform is provided by ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF).

What does it offer ?

Chambers Connect offers different sections of information to the chamber community.  

Here are what you can find:  

  • News Room: all the news from ICC and Chambers across the world. 
  • Accesses: 
    • Chamber Services: Showcase the diverse range of services provided by ICC WCF, should they be trade services (ATA Carnet, Certificate of Origin), information about WCF Governance (WCF General Council and Executive Committee) and partnerships. This section is specifically designed to ensure chambers have a better understanding of WCF’s activities and the way to take part in them. 
    • World Chambers Congress 
    • World Chambers Competition 
    • Chambers Directory: an interactive map to locate more than 3,000 chambers of commerce in the world, based on the ICC CRM database. 
    • People Directory
    • Communities
    • ICC Business Tools: Promoting a series of initiatives conducted by ICC that would interest the chamber community and provide information on how they can take part in them.  
    • ICC Knowledge 2GO
  • Knowledge Base: a dedicated library for chambers with a broad selection of resources, including publications, reports, campaigns, trade documents, World Chambers Congress presentations by speakers, World Chambers Competition cases, etc. 
  • Event Centre: a section to promote chambers, ICC and other partner organisations’ events and trainings. 
  • Media Centre: a section to discover all videos from chambers and ICC.  
  • Social media Centre: all the latest ICC Twitter and Facebook posts

Special Characteristics 

Chambers Map

more than 2,900 chambers are listed in the Chamber Directory  

Special message for the community

to allow chambers to share their specific message to the community  

Chamber Space

Each chamber can have its own dedicated page and share its news, events, special projects, and document with the chamber community.  

Some Statistics


chambers registered




Documents available


Chamber spaces created 

Why and how do you join?  

This platform connects chambers among themselves to create a unique and strong community that enables a new set of digital services for chambers in the future and improves global chambers collaboration.  

Only the WCF members chamber’s staff are allowed to access the platform.

Fill in this form and the ICC Secretariat will approve your request to join the platform and send you an email to create your credentials! 

Please also refer to the Connection Guideline