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ICC Arbitration is a flexible and efficient procedure for resolving domestic and international disputes.

The awards are binding, final and enforceable anywhere in the world.



Amid growing hostility to free trade and open markets, ICC is seeking to make a positive case for trade as a driver of jobs, growth and opportunity.

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Debates on world trade reform extended on Global Dialogue on Trade platform

The first digitally-enabled dialogue on the future of the multilateral rules-based trading system will be extended until 1 March 2019, allowing companies and think tanks, supported by multilateral institutions, to pursue the ongoing debate on world trade reform.

Geneva Icc
ICC announces new Geneva presence

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has announced the establishment of a new presence in Geneva.

Icc Addresses Global Pact For The Environment
ICC addresses UN working group on the Global Pact for the Environment

At a substantive session of the United Nations’ (UN) General Assembly ad hoc working group on the Global Pact for the Environment in Nairobi, Kenya, ICC laid out its plans to work with governments to fill gaps in international environmental law.

Maritime piracy
IMB Piracy Report 2018: Attacks multiply in the Gulf of Guinea

Piracy increased on the world’s seas in 2018, with a marked rise in attacks against ships and crews around West Africa, the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) latest annual piracy report reveals.