Digital Economy

Digital transformation is rapidly changing how people live. Emerging trends have significant influence in re-shaping the business landscape, opening uncharted potential that can unlock new opportunities.

With the right enabling environment, technological advances can spur innovation that can have profound impact on how society functions. ICC leverages its vast network and business expertise to inform policy developments and promote best practices in digitral transformation to ensure stable functioning, as well as sustainable and inclusive growth.  

Our work streams


Business insight and experience on new ICTs and the impact of regulations on their use 

Internet Governance 

Creating opportunities and addressing challenges through ICTs and the Internet. 

Data flows 

Harnessing the opportunities of the digital economy and support the trade of goods and services through data flows.  

Most popular

ICC Cybersecurity Issue Brief #2 :

Implementing norms and rules for responsible state behaviour in cyberspace and enhancing cooperation to counter cybercrime 

Recommendations on two to encourage the international community to take action to ensure this space is safe and secure for all 


ICC White Paper on Delivering Universal Meaningful Connectivity 

This paper explores various barriers to this ecosystem and showcases innovative approaches to overcome them.

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The ICC Digital Standards Initiative (DSI) 

DSI accelerates the development of a globally harmonized, digitized trade environment, as a key enabler of dynamic, sustainable, inclusive growth.

ICC Trade Register Background

ICC Global Digital Economy Commission

Leadership, advocacy and best practice to shaping an open, trusted and interoperable digital economy.