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Certificates of Origin (CO) are trade documents issued by chambers of commerce around the world. These are required by businesses, banks, and customs officials to authenticate the origin of exported goods.

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Millions of COs are issued every year around the globe, facilitating trade and commerce worldwide. Through our World Chambers Federation, we advocate and promote the unique position of chambers as the natural and trusted agent in the issue of important trade documents.

International Certificate of Origin Council (ICOC) 

The ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF) International Certificate of Origin Council (ICOC) is a global forum of trade facilitation experts that advocates for chambers as issuing agents of Certificates of Origin (COs) around the world.  

All chamber members of ICC are welcome to join and contribute to the work of the ICOC.  

ICOC was set up to enhance and promote the unique position of chambers as issuing agents of Certificates of Origin through collaboration, which is achieved by implementing the following strategies: 

  1. Coordinated engagement with international, regional and national governments and agencies through ICC structures. 
  2. Establishment of an International Certificate of Origin Accreditation Chain, based on CO Guidelines, which sets international best practices for issuing procedures. 
  3. Development of a series of international training programmes to enhance the level of chamber professionalism and competency in CO issuance. 
  4. Assistance in the identification and use of advanced technologies in the delivery of COs and trade documents. 
  5. Promotion of the liberalisation of issuance of Preferential CO to chambers by customs authorities. 
  6. Advocacy for the recognition and acceptance of electronic CO by governments. 

International CO Accreditation Chain 

Chambers worldwide issue over 15 million COs each year. By getting accredited through the CO Accreditation Chain, chambers receive a distinct, internationally recognised, quality label which appears next to their chamber stamp on the CO form, confirming their status as credible and trusted third parties in the issuance of COs. 

Why should chambers join the CO Global Accreditation Chain? 

Global Harmonised Standard 

Provide reassurance that COs have been issued to the highest standards in conformity with the International CO Guidelines by ICC WCF. 

International recognition 

Guarantee recognition and traceability for every CO issued under the ICC WCF umbrella.  


Easier and more secure CO authentication for customs authorities and issuing chambers.  

Global Network 

Become part of a global network of reliable chambers that provide trade facilitation and professional documentation services.

Better Business 

Benefit from collaboration to define the future role of chambers in bringing trust to business in trade and services. 

Digitalisation of CO

eCO Task Force 

ICC WCF has developed a set of online tools to keep pace with the rapid shift to e-business and improve efficiency in serving the business community. 

Many chambers around the world already issue Electronic Certificates of Origin (eCO), which are secure, efficient, cost-effective and transparent. However, more needs to be done to increase their acceptance.   

Recognising the long-term benefits of digitalisation, the eCO Task Force was created to enhance and raise the level of acceptability of eCO by stakeholders, as well as provide a forum to share expertise and experiences. The task force also provides assistance to chambers of commerce seeking support in the implementation of a digital system for the issuance of eCO.  

The following work of the eCO Task Force has been made available to date: 

  • eCO Best Practices  
  • Guidance on how to promote further acceptance

How can you verify the authenticity of COs online? 

The CO verification website is a secure platform enabling customs authorities to verify the authenticity of COs issued by participating accredited chambers through a unique CO number and accreditation code. It reinforces mutual trust by ensuring that COs are issued in accordance with international standards. 

Advantages of the platform: 

  1. Accreditation that verifies adherence to internationally accepted standards.  
  2. Platform security that is only available to chambers and their technical providers.  
  3. Efficiency in allowing customs authorities and others involved in the CO verification process, to check authenticity online.  
  4. Standardisation of data.  

The number of users of the ICC CO verification website has grown significantly in recent years and we’ve upgraded the platform to become a more modern, secure and innovative interface. The website now displays additional information, such as a description of the goods and the countries of origin and destination, and enables customs authorities to review the complete CO form, via a redirection to the issuing chamber’s system or its national verification website.

The option of scanning the QR code on the CO instead of manually inputting the information has also been added to the new website

Who are the accredited members of the CO Chain? 






million COs issued with ICC CO Label

Certificates of Origin trainings 

The ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF) offers chambers  trusted training in the field of Certificates of Origin (CO). 

Non-preferential CO

Non-Preferential CO constitute one of the most important trade documents required by businesses, banks and customs officials to authenticate the origin of exported goods. Annually, millions of non-preferential COs are issued by chambers of commerce around the world. 

Preferential rules of origin

The training aims to guide chambers through the process of reading and using the preferential rules of origin of a Free Trade Aggreement (FTA), developing the necessary tools and skills to support their business community in effectively using the concept of origin to increase their international trade competitiveness. 

This training will cover the following topics:​ 

The training can be delivered onsite at ICC Global Headquarters in Paris or on the chamber’s premises.  

For more information on the trainings and to register your interest, please visit ICC Knowledge 2GO



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