Costs calculator

The costs calculator will generate the estimated amount for the ICC administrative expenses and the arbitrators’ fees. It does not generate an estimate of the arbitrators’ expenses (i.e., disbursements). 

The result provides an estimate of the advance on costs that may be fixed by the Court. Due to the rounding of figures, the estimate may vary slightly from the amount resulting from the application of the scales published in Appendix III to the ICC Rules of Arbitration. 

All Requests for Arbitration on or after 1 January 2017 will be submitted to the 2017 scales for amount in dispute calculated in US dollars.  All Requests for Arbitration received by the Secretariat on or after 1 March 2021, administered by the São Paulo office will be submitted to the 2021 scales for amount in dispute in BRL.

The costs calculator calculates the total advance on costs, for illustrative reasons only, based on the average arbitrator’s fees. However, the Court has the discretion, and regularly does, to set arbitrator’s fees higher or lower than the average. 

The estimate generated by the costs calculator has no legal implications and should not be considered as necessarily reflecting how the Court will fix in any given case. 

In addition, the estimate does not include a budget for the arbitrators’ expenses, which are also paid upfront as part of the advance on costs.

Cost calculator

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