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The World Chambers Competition showcases chamber innovation and demonstrates their commitment to supporting local small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Having competed across four diverse categories and against 18 finalists, winners of the 2017 World Chambers Competition are:

Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project: Brazilian Confederation of Trade and Business Associations (Brazil)

#10WCC - World Chambers Competition 2017

The Brazilian Confederation of Trade and Business Associations won Best CSR project for their Business Women Empowerment Programme: the Brazilian National Council of Business Women.

Through the programme and the Council, more than 4,000 women leaders from Brazilian companies participated, leading to a 267% increase in the number of women holding board positions within local business associations, as well as a 259% increase in the creation of business dedicated focus groups for women in the country.

Best Education and Training project: Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (Germany)

#10WCC - World Chambers Competition 2017

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce won Best Education and Training project for their innovative integration concepts for refugees.

By devising a six-part approach to facilitate the integration of refugees into the labour market, the Hamburg Chamber decided to turn dealing with the refugee crisis into a positive opportunity. Through its Work and Integration for Refugees (W.I.R.) project, the Hamburg Chamber was able to successfully train some 4,000 refugees and pair them with Hamburg-based companies. By providing specialised education and training, the city of Hamburg and the metropolitan region has quickly and sustainably developed a skilled labour force.


 “Integrating refugees into the local labour market is a humanitarian duty and often a challenge. We are proud that our efforts are recognised by the ICC World Chambers Federation in selecting our project as a finalist for the “Best Education and Training project” category.

Tobias Bergmann
President, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Best Job Creation and Business Development project: Business West Chamber of Commerce (United Kingdom)

#10WCC - World Chambers Competition 2017

The Business West Chamber of Commerce won Best Job Creation and Business Development project thanks to the creation of their International Trade Centre.

Born as a means to support the United Kingdom government in bolstering exporting activities in the South West of England, the Centre has quickly helped the region become one of the fastest growing areas in the country for international trade. Today, the Centre engages more than 5,800 exporters, has assisted over 2,000 companies with overseas sales valued at almost £500 million and created nearly 4,000 jobs.

Best Unconventional projects (joint winners): The Dubai Chamber of Commerce (United Arab Emirates) and the Pereira Chamber of Commerce (Colombia)

#10WCC - World Chambers Competition 2017

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce has been recognised as one of the Best Unconventional projects for their work on the Dubai Innovation Index.

Stemming from a vision to make Dubai one of the most innovative cities in the world, the Index has raised Dubai’s profile thanks to a dedicated strategy that provides directions for both public and private sectors to improve their innovation levels. Out of 28 cities surveyed, three Middle Eastern cities have topped the charts in terms of innovation ranking: Dubai, 15th; Riyadh, 17th; and Doha, 18th. Dubai has risen one place from 2015 thanks to an increase in foreign direct investment inflows, as well as continued efforts by the Dubai Government.


#10WCC - World Chambers Competition 2017

The Pereira Chamber of Commerce was recognised for its El Primer Ladrillo (the First Brick) campaign.

Under the leadership of the Pereira Chamber of Commerce, the First Brick campaign boosted the economy of the region through corporate tourism. From students donating 100 pesos to companies contributing millions to the local and national governments offering financing of the project, more than 7,500 community members came together to help build a convention centre that has today become a shining symbol of strength and achievement.


“It is with great pride that the Chamber of Commerce of Pereira has the opportunity to inspire the world through the public spirit of our people. Our project, “El Primer Ladrillo,” is a story of Colombians coming together with the purpose of achieving the construction of a development project that became a symbol of modernity and competitiveness within our great city.”            

Mauricio Vega Lemus,
CEO, Chamber of Commerce of Pereira

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