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World Chambers Competition gives an opportunity for chambers to improve and enhance their services, as well as support local SMEs. Here are our previous winners from the four different categories: Best CSR; Best Job Creation and Business Development; Best SMEs Financing; and Best Unconventional Projects.

  • Best advocacy project, Santiago Chamber of Commerce (Chile)

The Santiago Chamber of Commerce (SCC), is a trade promotion institution whose track record extends over 95 years to date and which is specifically aimed at supporting a whole host of companies, especially those rated as small and medium-sized via sundry products and services alike. The SCC enjoys an impeccable union performance record, a sound and responsible management and a first-class infrastructure. Furthermore, the SCC is a member entity of a national and international network of sister institutions which enjoys a widespread degree of acceptance and enlisting attributions amid the business community. Such plus factors have enabled the SCC to be recognised by public opinion circles as a respectable entity whose endeavors and work capabilities have secured it a deeply entrenched trust and recognition.

In the context of its technical capabilities and the strength of its human resources, the SCC did welcome the idea of participating in the public bid for this project, to which senior and large private companies active within the TIC universe also came forward expressing their interest.

” Winning this award as Best Advocacy Project, with the Registry of Suppliers of the Chilean State, it was a great honor for our institution, because it was a recognition of a career of public-private work. The development of public purchasing system in our country has contributed -by a part- to add to small and medium enterprises to the world of public procurement, whose share has risen in these eight years from 15 to 47%, with the consequent benefit for them, but it has also simplified the way we do business and definitively -in has brought a greater degree of efficiency and transparency in public procurement system as a whole. As Santiago Chamber of Commerce, we are proud to participate in this great modernising element for our country and we believe it is a project that deserves to be replicated.”

Peter Hill, President, Santiago Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Chile)


  • Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Australia)
  • Cork Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Ireland)
  • Dublin Chamber of Commerce (Ireland)

  • Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project, Finland Chamber of Commerce (Finland)

The Women Leaders Program of Finland Chamber of Commerce shows that the business sector can take the lead in promoting women business leaders and thus securing a more flexible regulatory environment for businesses when quotas are not legislated. For already a decade, the Finland Chamber of Commerce (FCC) has been committed to actively promote women’s access to top positions. Promoting women executives through self-regulation is a strategic goal of FCC and they have created the Women Leaders Program to promote that goal.

One of the targets of the program has been to focus on having more women executives while internationally most attention is paid to women on boards of listed companies.


  • Burnaby Board of Trade (Canada)
  • Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bolivia)
  • Asharqia Chamber of Commerce (Saudi Arabia)

  • Best unconventional project, Calgary Chamber of Commerce (Canada)

A chamber of commerce’s role is to help businesses be more successful in their community, and in doing so make the city a better place to live and work for all. The Calgary Chamber of Chamber of Commerce has been fulfilling this mission for 123 years. To respond to the damages caused by floods, the Chamber formed a Business Recovery Task Force and spearheaded a holistic package of initiatives to get Calgary “back to business,” ensure that the business community remained successful, and make sure that the chambers and others could be better prepared for next time. Thanks to the efforts of the chamber, more than 99% of local businesses were able to reopen and continue their activities.

“Severe weather events are becoming more frequent and more serious in every area of the globe. Addressing humanitarian needs following these disasters is the first priority, and following the next priority must be to get businesses back up and running. Research shows that when the business community recovers quickly, society recovers quickly, as people have a place to shop, work and do business. The alternative can be serious.

Following the most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history, a flood of near-unprecedented proportions, the Calgary Chamber established a program that helped lower the rate of business closure from an expected 43%, to less than 1%. The Chamber developed a model called AME (Analyse, Mobilise, Energise) and a series of tools that can be adapted easily to be employed by any Chamber in the world and are available at no cost.

The role of Chambers is to help businesses succeed, and I encourage every Chamber to consider how they can support business success in their regions following a disaster event.”

Adam Legge, President and CEO Calgary Chamber of Commerce (Canada)


  • Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Philippines)
  • Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Norway)
  • Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce (Spain)

  • Best job creation and business development project, Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Turkey)

Founded in 1987, the Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce is one of the most established professional organisations in Turkey, with its mission to implement and add value to their members and the community, with a participatory, transparent and innovative approach that supports entrepreneurship, branding and institutionalisation by continuously improving the quality of their services. Their project, “Our Village” is a production complex specifically designed for the physically and mentally disadvantaged. Its purpose is to give job opportunities to disabled people and to help them integrate more fully into society as a whole. It has been brought about by an uncommon degree of collaboration between Industry, NGOs and government at all levels.


  • Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Australia)
  • VOKA Flanders’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Belgium)
  • Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (United Kingdom)
  • Bogota Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Colombia)