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Can you provide me with guidelines?
We have a dedicated page, that is readily accessible at any time, with all Competition guidelines.

What is the deadline to submit my project?
The application period for 2017 Competition is now closed.

What are the required formats of the application?
You are required to fill in contact information, information about your chamber and select a category into the online form. At the bottom, you can upload your project synopsis in a PDF format, along with your chamber’s logo and any pictures in any image format.

Can I submit two projects in different categories?
No, a chamber can only submit one project per Competition.

Can I include an appendix?
In case you have letters of support, articles or other items you would like the judges to see, you may include them in an appendix. The appendix cannot exceed 10 pages. Please note that the appendix is optional.

What is the maximum length for materials?
The maximum length of the appendix is 10 pages. The maximum length of the project synopsis is 10 pages. Therefore, your final document cannot exceed 20 pages. Also, you are not allowed to shift your page limits (i.e., 12 pages for the appendix and 8 pages for the project synopsis)

Do I have to translate documents of support?
You do not have to translate documents of support included the appendix in full. A short description box covering the title and a sentence or two on the articles/letters would suffice.

When will the finalists for each category be chosen?
The final five finalists for each category will be announced a few months before the Competition presentation in September 2017. A specific date will be confirmed shortly.

How and where will I present my project as a finalist?
You will present your project during the 10th World Chambers Congress in Sydney, Australia, 19-21 September 2017.

Does ICC WCF cover travel expenses to the Congress?
No, you will have to cover your own travel expenses to the Congress. However, the presenter’s registration fee will be covered.