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ICC Agri-Food Initiative

The ICC Agri-Food Initiative provides support to companies in the sector to help them navigate agri-food challenges, providing a platform for engagement, partnerships and advocacy.

The ICC Agri-Food Initiative facilitates discussions and active collaboration between institutions and businesses in the agri-food sector. The initiative delivers tools, activities and events to facilitate knowledge and best practice sharing and drive the development of innovative projects that help companies adapt to rapid changes in the global market. 

What is the ICC Agri-Food Initiative? 

The ICC Agri-Food Initiative facilitates discussions and active collaboration among institutions and businesses in the agri-food sector. 

Launched in March 2022, the first Agri-Food Hub was established by ICC Italy where the United Nations Rome-based agencies that focus on food and agriculture are located. ICC’s Observer Status at the United Nations offers a privileged channel for enabling collaborations with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) by encouraging the involvement of companies in international development and cooperation projects. 

What are the priorities of the ICC Agri-Food Initiative? 


The ICC Agri-Food Initiative supports companies and operators in the agri-food sector to meet market demands and expectations as they shift towards conscious consumption choices in support of shared objectives, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).   


The ICC Agri-Food Initiative supports agri-food companies by encouraging innovation to foster competitiveness, and drive long-term sustainable economic growth through Open Innovation projects. 

Trade and policy 

The ICC Agri-Food Initiative provides a platform to facilitate dialogue among companies and sector experts.  

Who can join the Agri-Food Initiative? 

  • Companies. Small, medium, and large. Differentiated paths are available based on company revenue and size. 
  • Private partners. Service providers, consulting firms, individual professionals and experts. To participate, an association with ICC is required. 
  • Institutional Partners.  National and international organisations and associations.  

Interested in joining the

ICC Agri-Food Initiative ?

Send an email to the ICC national committee in your country or contact Sebastian Ferrari

What are our Agri-Food Initiative activities and services? 

Working groups 

Formulate technical policy direction of the Agri-Food Initiative and the operational plan for each of the three pillars.  Examine major issues of interest of the sector by preparing policy products to contribute to intergovernmental discussions facilitating international trade. 


Active engagement in discussions on policy and regulation both at national and international level. 

Events and training 

Regular events and training sessions provide platforms for discussions and in-depth analysis on current issues which have a strong operational impact on the agri-food sector. 

ICC Help Desk 

Technical support from ICC partners with one-to-one meetings and concrete activities based on the three thematic pillars.  

Business networking 

Opportunities serve as an incubator for developing collaborations, pooling and leveraging resources and skills to develop new synergies among companies, professionals and institutions, at both national and international level. 

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