Our members

In case you want more information about ICC WCF membership or have questions do not hesitate to also contact us directly at

What is the global footprint of the WCF? 

Our members are in 116 countries/territories, from all regions of the world and are the key players in the work of ICC World Chambers Federation. 

Joining WCF 

When you join the ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF), you become part of the forum that connects chambers across borders, creating a better environment for business and MSMEs, while driving prosperity and opportunity for all.

The benefits of WCF membership are broad ranging. They include opportunities from shaping the next generation of tailor-made solutions for chambers and smaller business to eligibility for a WCF leadership position. Browse all benefits in our membership brochure.

Joining ICC, and consequently WCF, is simple to do through one of two ways: