Court Observers 

In exceptional circumstances, the President of the Court may invite in-house counsel, government lawyers and representatives of other organisations to attend the meetings of the Court to enable them to better understand how ICC arbitration, and specifically the Court, works.    

FIDIC Observer 

In light of the unique relationship between the Court and the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (“FIDIC”), derived from the inclusion of ICC arbitration agreements in FIDIC forms of contract, the President of the Court may, on a case-by-case basis, invite an observer nominated by FIDIC to have access to materials related to the work of the Court and the Secretariat and provide comments from a FIDIC perspective. Such comments are purely informative and not binding on the Court. The FIDIC observer may also be invited to attend meetings of the Court.   

The current FIDIC observer is Christopher R. Seppälä (Finland, United Kingdom, United States).    

See ICC Rules of Arbitration, Appendix I, Article 8, and Appendix II, Articles 1(2), 1(3) and 1(4))