DOCDEX expert

Upon receipt of an admissible Claim, the ICC International Centre for ADR (“Centre”) shall appoint a panel of three experts (“Appointed Experts”) from a list maintained by the ICC Banking Commission (“List”). This List consists of experts having experience in, and knowledge of, trade finance transactions.

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The Chair of the Banking Commission is the repository of the List and can add or remove experts from the List at any time, as need be. 

In selecting the Appointed Experts, the Centre consults with the Technical Adviser to the ICC Banking Commission, who shall provide guidance on the area(s) of expertise that the Claim requires and that the Appointed Experts should possess. The Centre shall also designate one of the Appointed Experts to act as the president (“President”). The identities of the Appointed Experts remain confidential from the parties, and all communication between the parties and the Appointed Experts is conducted via the Centre. 

To be included in the List, potential candidates are invited to contact the ICC National Committeeof their nationality.