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Our largest educational event of the year, ICC Mediation Week, brings together over 550+ participants — professional mediators, academics and students — from across the world.  The highly-anticipated week of events provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge, discuss new developments and gain valuable insights on the latest trends in the field of mediation.

The International Commercial Mediation Competition

The ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition is a globally-renowned moot that hosts more than 100 mock mediation sessions over five days to name a winning team. The 18th ICC Mediation Competition took place between 6-11 February 2023 in Paris.

The Competition includes 48 teams of students from across the world are selected to compete alongside more than 160+ professional mediators and trainers who will share their expertise and passion for mediation. Some will act as mediators, making use of their own experience in resolving cross-border disputes; while others take on the role of judges, assessing each team’s negotiating and problem-solving skills, as well as their ability to make good use of the mediator.

The event gives students the opportunity to put theory into practice and to interact with some of the world’s top mediators while offering the professionals the opportunity to engage and shape the next generation of mediators and mediation users through guidance, feedback and support.

The International Mediation Roundtable

The ICC Mediation Roundtable has quickly become one of the most valuable meeting points for ADR professionals worldwide. It is a dedicated platform to explore the latest developments in mediation and exchange experiences.

The Roundtable discussions are carefully developed alongside professional mediators and academics who have a working knowledge of the industry. The event is reserved for professionals participating in the Mediation Competition, as well as a select group of invited guests and typically includes interactive workshops, engaging discussions and dynamic plenary sessions.