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In order to ensure the best quality of service, the Standing Committee advises the Centre on all aspects of its services while following the ICC Expert Rules.

The Committee comprises a maximum of fifteen members—all of who are appointed by ICC for a three-year renewable term. The specific functions, duties and statutes of the Committee are set out in the appendices of the ICC Expert Rules. The members for 2014-2017 are as follows:

  • James Nicholson (United Kingdom), President
  • Victoria Orlowski (United States), Vice-President
  • Erica Stein (United States), Vice-President
  • Fernando Cunado Garcia-Bernalt (Spain), Vice-President
  • George Bermann (United States)
  • Detlev Kuhner (Germany)
  • Cecilia Misu (Chile, Germany)
  • Dr Paul Tichauer (Canada)
  • Dick Appuhn (Italy)