Administration of experts proceedings

The ICC International Centre for ADR (“the Centre”) will administer expert proceedings pursuant to the Administration of Expert Proceedings Rules when all of the parties have agreed to do so or where the Centre is otherwise satisfied that there is a sufficient basis for administering expert proceedings under the Rules.

In administering the proceedings, the Centre appoints the expert in the absence of a joint nomination by the parties; coordinates between the parties and the expert; initiates the appropriate steps to encourage the expeditious completion of the expert proceedings; supervises the financial aspects of the proceedings; and scrutinises the expert’s report. It is the Centre that notifies the report to the parties at the end of the proceedings.

Although, in principle, the expert’s findings are not binding, parties may, if they wish and subject to applicable law, agree to give the findings the force of a contractually binding expert determination. In all cases, an expert appointed under the Rules is not an arbitrator, and the expert’s findings are not enforceable like an arbitral award.