Proposal of experts and neutrals

Upon the request of any physical or legal person, the International Centre for ADR can provide the name of one or more experts in a particular field of activity or the name of one or more neutrals.

A proposed expert may be a physical person or a legal person, such as a company or a partnership. The proposed expert may be required as a potential expert in arbitration, or other dispute resolution proceedings, or the proposed neutral may be needed to act as a mediator or a dispute board member, or to assist in resolving a dispute not administered by ICC.

Under the ICC Rules for the Proposal of Experts and Neutrals, the Centre’s role is limited to proposing the name of one or more experts or neutrals. There is no obligation to make use of the proposed expert’s or neutral’s services. The Person requesting a proposal may contact the proposed expert(s) or neutral(s) directly and, as the case may be, agree directly with the expert(s) or neutral(s) on the scope of the mission and fees.

Proposals of experts or neutrals within the context of ongoing ICC Arbitration proceedings may be free of charge. For further information, see our section on costs and payment.