Incoterms Rules

ICC releases Incoterms® 2020

ICC has launched Incoterms® 2020, the newest edition of the renowned trade terms for the delivery of goods, providing certainty and clarity to business and traders everywhere.

The future of the Incoterms® rules in space

In part two of A Day in the Life of Incoterms, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) spoke to Daniela Maria Rojas Garcia about the future of the Incoterms® rules in space.

Incoterms® and Commercial Contracts: 3 things to know about ICC’s newest Digital Library channel


With channels on dispute resolution and trade finance already well established, today our Digital Library unveils its much-anticipated Incoterms® rules and commercial contracts channel. From handbooks on ICC’s internationally-recognised commercial trade terms to our complete range of fully modifiable model contracts, you’ll have everything you need, in one easy-access location, to help propel your business practices forward.

ICC launches new online research tool: ICC Digital Library


At the world business organization, we recognise the importance of information and knowledge to your business and legal practices. That’s why we’ve created the ICC Digital Library. Through this online service, we’ll deliver easy, 24/7 access to our vast collection of essential reference materials to promote innovative research, learning and more.