Rules and Procedures

Expedited Procedure Provisions

Do the ICC Rules provide for an Expedited arbitration? Absolutely! Our Rules of Arbitration offer an expedited procedure providing for a streamlined with reduced scales of arbitrators’ fees aimed at increasing efficiency in the resolution of disputes.

Here you will understand the scope of the Expedite Procedure Provisions, the constitution of the arbitral tribunal and the procedure. 

Scope of the Rules 

By agreeing to arbitration under the Rules, the Expedited Procedure Provisions shall take precedence over any contrary terms of the arbitration agreement (Article 30 of the Rules and Appendix VI). 

The Expedited Procedure Provisions apply if: 



The Expedited Procedure Provisions shall also apply, irrespective of the date of conclusion of the arbitration agreement or the amount in dispute, if the parties have agreed to opt in. Such opt in agreements can be concluded at any time (see Standard ICC Arbitration clauses). 

The Court may at any time, upon request of a party or on its own motion after consulting the arbitral tribunal and the parties, decide that the Expedited Procedure Provisions no longer apply (Article 1(4) of Appendix VI).  

For more information see Note to the Parties and Arbitral Tribunals on the Conduct of Arbitration

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Constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal 

The Court may appoint a sole arbitrator notwithstanding any contrary provision of the arbitration agreement. 

The Court may appoint three arbitrators if appropriate in the circumstances. In all cases, the Court will invite the parties to comment in writing before taking any decision and shall make every effort to make sure that the award is enforceable at law. 


The procedure is simplified: 

The final award is rendered within six months from the case management conference.