ICANN New gTLD Dispute Resolution

How to file an objection

A party wishing to object to an application for a gTLD on the grounds of Limited Public Interest Objections or Community Objections must file its Objections with the ICC International Centre for ADR (“Centre”).

Jurisdiction of the ICC International Centre for ADR

The Centre does not administer cases filed on the grounds of String Confusion Objections or Legal Rights Objections. They are administered by the International Centre for Dispute Resolution and the Arbitration and the Mediation Centre of the World Intellectual Property Organization respectively.

A Limited Public Interest Objections should be filed when the Objector alleges that the applied-for gTLD string is contrary to generally accepted legal norms of morality and public order that are recognised under international principles of law.

A Community Objection should be filed when the Objector alleges that there is substantial opposition to the gTLD application from a significant portion of the community to which the gTLD string may be explicitly or implicitly targeted.

More information about the specificities of each of the four Objection grounds, as well as on the specific standing a party needs to file an Objection based on one of the grounds, can be found in Module 3 to the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook published by ICANN and in the New gTLD Dispute Resolution Procedure also published by ICANN.

Objection deadline

To trigger a dispute resolution procedure, an Objection must be filed within the objection deadline. The Objection Period opened on 13 June 2012 and will close on 13 March 2013 on 23:59 UTC.

Filing an Objection

An Objection filed with the Centre must:

Every Objection filed must be accompanied by the requisite payment of the non-refundable registration fee in the amount of EUR€5,000. For details regarding the payment instructions, please consult the “Costs and Payments” section.

Clarifications regarding multiple Objections and multiple Objectors

Following different requests from prospective parties and after discussion with ICANN and the other dispute resolution providers under the new gTLD dispute resolution procedure, ICC would like to make the following clarifications with regard to the proceedings conducted by ICC under the ICC Rules for Expertise in conjunction with the new gTLD dispute resolution procedure from ICANN.