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The chart below is prepared pursuant to section III.B of the ICC Note to Parties and Arbitral Tribunals on the Conduct of the Arbitration pursuant to the ICC Rules. It refers to arbitrators in ICC Arbitration cases that were registered as of 1 January 2016 and where Terms of Reference have been established. It is updated monthly.

The “Case ID” identifies the composition of each arbitral tribunal. It is generated for publication purposes only and does not reflect the actual ICC case number. Arbitrators with the same “Case ID” belong to the same arbitral tribunal.

The year and month in the second left-hand column identify the time when the Terms of Reference in the case were transmitted to, or approved by, the ICC Court.

The “appointment method” identifies whether arbitrators were appointed by the Court or by an appointing authority, nominated by the parties or the co-arbitrators, or otherwise. In case of an appointment by the Court, the arbitrator has been appointed by the Court either directly or upon the proposal made by an ICC national committee. In case of a nomination by the parties or by the co-arbitrators, the arbitrator will then have been confirmed by the ICC Court or the Secretary General.

The name of the arbitrator will appear in each case as it figures on the Curriculum Vitae form completed by the arbitrator for that particular case.

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The updated arbitrator list will be available soon. 

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