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Parties using arbitration have a choice between designating an institution, such as ICC, to administer it, or proceeding ad hoc outside an institutional framework.

In ad hoc cases, the arbitration will be administered by the arbitrators themselves. Should problems arise in constituting the arbitral tribunal, the parties may require the assistance of a state court or ICC as appointing authority, if so empowered by an arbitration clause, a subsequent agreement of the parties.

To provide this service, ICC applies a special set of rules: the Rules of ICC as Appointing Authority . They are designed for use in proceedings under UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and in other arbitration proceedings.

Appointing the suitable arbitrator

In arbitration, one of the key steps is the constitution of the arbitral tribunal. While this gives the parties the opportunity to designate arbitrators of their choice, special care is required to ensure the independence and competence of the persons chosen, particularly in international proceedings.

ICC can select the suitable arbitrator thanks to its global network. This enables the parties to have their disputes resolved by people who have specialised competence in the relevant field.


When requesting to act under the Rules of ICC as Appointing Authority in UNCITRAL or Other Arbitration Proceedings, a party shall submit an “Application” to the Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration at any of its offices. Each Application must be accompanied by a non-refundable filing fee as set forth in the Appendix of the Rules.