ICC Institute celebrates 40th anniversary

  • 19 December 2019

The Institute of World Business Law, a think-tank of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), celebrated its 40th anniversary on 17 December, following the conclusion of its 39th Annual Conference.

The ICC body was first established in 1979 with the help of Pierre Lalive, Serge Lazareff and Yves Derains, the former Secretary General of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and Founding Partner of the Paris based law firm Derains & Gharavi. Their objective was to spur innovation in the development of law and global business practices through research and training.  

Commenting on the purpose of the Institute, current Chair Mr Derains said:

“The ICC Institute has gained international renown through its membership of over 200 adherents from all over the world, including top practitioners in international business, scholars and researchers. It aims to strengthen links between these professionals. Members are given the opportunity to propose various subjects for reflection, which provides the Institute with a wealth of expertise in many fields of international law and practice.”

While the world has changed since the Institute’s founding, its mission remains the same. Today the more than 200 members from over 50 countries work closely with ICC’s International Court of Arbitration and Knowledge Solutions hubs to offer capacity building initiatives—on a range of topics related to international business law—to professionals globally.  

Commenting on the impact of the Institute, Nayla Comair-Obeid, Institute member and Founding Partner of Lebanon-based law firm OBEID, said:

“The ICC Institute has been and will remain a hub for business and educational opportunities in an increasingly fast-paced global economy. By enhancing ties between the legal profession, business executives and academics, the Institute has created an innovative forum for the development and betterment of the practice of international business law…and will certainly continue to thrive in the future.”

The celebratory event was held at the Salon des Arts et Métiers in Paris upon conclusion of the annual end-of-year conference of the Institute. The event gathered more than 115 participants from 30 countries to discuss reasoning in arbitration. From conceptual issues regarding reasoning in arbitral awards to the legitimacy of awards and best practice tips, a number of top-line issues where discussed.  

Antonio Crivellaro of BonelliErede: A well reasoned #arbitral award allows to understand whether #DueProcess was respected, the parties were provided with a right to be heard and the tribunal decided by applying the #law it was mandated to apply. #ICCInstitute

— ICC Arbitration (@ICC_arbitration) December 17, 2019

Following the close of the conference, participants were treated to a networking cocktail to recognise the 40th anniversary of the Institute. Mr Derains spoke to attendees on the history of the think-tank and explains its path for the future in today’s globalised world.  

Yves Derains, our #ICCInstitute Chair, celebrates the think-tank’s 40th anniversary with a look back at its past and shares a path forward for its future. >

— ICC Arbitration (@ICC_arbitration) December 17, 2019

The evening’s festivities also honoured 2019 ICC Institute Prize winner Tobias Lutzi. The Prize is awarded to talented individuals 40 years of age and under for legal writing excellence in the field of international commercial law, including arbitration 

Congratulations to @toblu_de of @UniCologne for winning the 7th #ICCInstitutePrize for his thesis (written at @UniofOxford) on regulating the Internet through private international #law.

— ICC Arbitration (@ICC_arbitration) December 17, 2019