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For more than 40 years, the ICC Institute of World Business Law has been enhancing ties between the academic world and practising lawyers.

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Launched in 2007, the Institute created the Institute Prize as a means to encourage focused research on legal issues affecting international business. Contributing to the understanding and progress of international commercial law around the world, the Institute Prize recognises legal writing excellence.

The Institute Prize is open to anyone 40 years of age or under as of deadline date who submits a doctoral dissertation or long essay (minimum of 150 pages) drafted in French or English on the subject of international commercial law, including arbitration.

The 2021 edition is now finished. We are pleased to announce our laureate Dr (Ms) Brooke Marshall, who was awarded the Prize for her thesis on “Asymmetric jurisdiction clauses”. The 2021 Prize edition also nominated Ms Stanislava Nedeva to receive an Honourable Mention.

Rules and deadlines concerning the next Prize edition in 2023 are finally out. The works submitted for the Prize should be sent to the Secretariat of the Institute at the contact address indicated below: iccprize@iccwbo.org by 3 April 2023 at the latest.

Institute Prize Rules

The Rules for the 2023 edition are available in English and in French

For any questions regarding the Rules or the ICC Institute Prize, please contact us via email at institute@iccwbo.org

Institute Prize jury

The jury responsible for the selection of the Institute Prize laureate comprises a specially selected group of the ICC Institute Council members. 

Please see below the ICC Institute Prize Jury for the 2023 edition.

Nayla Comair-ObeidPartner, Obeid Law Firm; Professor, International Commercial Arbitration Doctorate Students, Filiere Francophone, Faculty of Law, Lebanese University, Beirut (Lebanon)
Cristina MartinettiPartner, Elexi Law Firm, Italy
Galina ZukovaPartner ; Zukova Legal, France
Habibatou TouréPartner, Habibatou Touré Law Firm; Senegal
Klaus Peter BergerProfessor of Law, University of Cologne, Center for Transnational Law (central), Germany
Matthias SchererPartner, Lalive, Switzerland
Mauricio Almeida PradoIndependent Arbitrator, Mauricio Almeida Prado, Brazil
Joongi KimProfessor, Yonsey University Law School, Republic of Korea
Winnie MaResident, The Arbitration Chambers, Singapore

Institute Prize laureates

2023 Institute Prize laureate

In 2023, 27 theses competed for the Institute Prize.

Sabrina Pearson-Wenger was the Institute Prize laureate in 2023 with her thesis entitled: Good Faith in International Commercial Arbitration: its Application by Arbitral Tribunals to the Parties’ Contract and the Arbitration Agreement.

2021 Institute Prize Laureate

In 2021, 17 theses competed for the Institute Prize.

Dr (Ms) Brooke Marshall was the Institute Prize laureate in 2021 for her thesis entitled: Asymmetric jurisdiction clause[go to line] An Honourable Mention from the Jury was awarded to Ms Stanislava Nedeva for her thesis entitled: Investor versus host State in oil and gas investment agreements: A case for good faith restriction and arbitrability for a stable investment environment.

2019 Institute Prize laureate

In 2019, 18 theses competed for the Institute Prize.

Tobias Lutzi was the Institute Prize laureate in 2019 with his thesis entited: Regulating the Internet through Private International Law.

2017 Institute Prize laureate

In 2017, 23 theses competed for the Institute Prize.

Berk Demirkol was the Institute Prize laureate in 2017 with his thesis entitled: Judicial Acts and Investment Treaty Arbitration. 

2015 Institute Prize laureates

In 2015, 17 theses competed for the Institute Prize.

For the first time, the Jury split the 2015 Institute Prize between two laureates:

Annabelle Mockesch with her thesis entitled: Attorney-Client Privilege in International Commercial Arbitration. Professor Dr Dres. h.c. Herbert Kronke (Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Germany) was the director of her thesis.

Cecile Pellegrini with her thesis entitled: Droits Applicables au Contrat International – Etude théorique et pratique du dépeçage volontaire. Professor Cyril Nourissat (Universite Lyon 3, France) was the director of her thesis.

2013 Institute Prize laureate

In 2013, 14 theses competed for the Institute Prize.

Arno Gildemeister was the Institute Prize laureate in 2013 with his thesis entitled: L’arbitrage des différends fiscaux en droit international des investissements. Professor Emmanuel Gaillard (University of Paris-Est – Val de Marne) and Professor Gerald Masch (University of Munster) were the directors of his thesis.

2011 Institute Prize laureate

In 2011, 34 theses competed for the Institute Prize.

Claire Debourg was the Institute Prize laureate in 2011 with her thesis entitled: Les contrariétés de décisions dans l’arbitrage international. Professor Francois-Xavier Train was the director of her thesis.

2009 Institute Prize laureate

Denis Mouralis was the Institute Prize laureate in 2009 with his thesis entitled: Arbitration confronted by Parallel Proceedings.

A special mention from the Jury was awarded to Matthieu Maisonneuve for his thesis entitled: The Arbitration of Sport Disputes.

2007 Institute Prize laureate

Vincent Chantebout the first laureate of the Institute Prize in 2007. His thesis was entitled: The prohibition of the review on the substance of the arbitral award.

A special mention from the Jury was awarded to Charles-Emmanuel Cote for his thesis entitled: The participation of private persons in the settlement of international economic disputes: the enlargement of legal standing in the WTO.