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The Organising Committee invites all teams applying to the 2020 edition of the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition to provide information about their university—particularly on their ADR curriculum through this application form.

According to the ICC Mediation Competition Rules, universities are selected based on the following criteria, in no particular order:

  • preference is given to universities who have an alternative dispute resolution curriculum (a special focus on mediation is an advantage);
  • performance in previous ICC Mediation Competitions, if applicable; and
  • representation of cultural and regional diversity among the selected universities.

Although the Organising Committee receives many applications each year, only 66 university teams will be chosen to compete. All forms will be evaluated on the information provided in your application—without any further research. As a consequence, please provide as much detail as possible on your university’s curricular and extra-curricular activities, paying particular attention on those concerning ADR and mediation. Please also note that hyperlinks to websites will not be consulted.

Applications are now open.

Universities can apply online until 2 October 2019 in two application periods to account for different school schedules around the world:

  • The first application period will run from 12 July 2019 until 25 August 2019.
  • The second application period will run from 26 August until 2 October 2019.

Applications received after 2 October will not be considered.

If you have any questions, please contact us via iccmediationcompetition@iccwbo.org.

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