Every year, the ICC selects 66 university teams and over 130 professionals to participate in the International Commercial Mediation Competition. 

All applicants must make sure they meet all requirements set by the Competition Rules. Below you will find all the relevant information required to apply.


Only one team per university can be admitted to participate in the Competition. The team must be a minimum of two students and a maximum of four. Each team can be accompanied by one or two coaches—although it is not mandatory to have a coach.

Each university can choose in its total discretion which students to select to be part of the team that is going to represent it, as long as the selected students are all eligible according to the Competition Rules.

Please note that starting in the 2020 edition, the ICC Mediation Week is open only to students who do not yet have full-time work experience (except internships) in law, business or otherwise.

The Competition is open to students of all disciplines, but only law students may take the role of counsel in the sessions. Accordingly, at least one member of each team must be a law student.

Two universities may apply together to create one joint team to participate in the Competition. Please note that pursuant to the Rules, students who have already participated in the ICC Mediation Competition are prohibited from competing for a second time.

Application and selection process

Applications are now open.

Universities can apply online until 2 October 2019 in two application periods to account for different school schedules around the world:

  • The first application period will run from 12 July 2019 until 25 August 2019.
  • The second application period will run from 26 August until 2 October 2019.

Applications received after 2 October will not be considered.

In each application period, ten places are reserved for universities that have not yet participated in the Competition. Should places for universities applying for the first time not be filled, the remaining places will be offered to returning universities. Universities that have not participated in the last two Competitions (2019 and 2018) will be considered as not having previously participated.

The Organising Committee selects universities based on the following criteria, in no particular order:

  • preference is given to universities who have an alternative dispute resolution curriculum (special focus on mediation is an advantage);
  • performance in previous ICC Mediation Competitions (if applicable);
  • representation of cultural and regional diversity amongst the selected universities.

In the event that the above selection criteria are insufficient to make a selection between two universities, the Organising Committee makes a choice in its absolute discretion.

By submitting an application to participate in the Competition, you will need to indicate to the Organising Committee that you have read and understood the 2020 Competition Rules.


The registration fee per team is calculated according to the number of team members.

University teamsTwo students:

Three students:

Four students:




CoachesOne coach:

Two coaches:

Free of charge


Only selected universities will be asked to pay the registration fee.

It is mandatory that the full registration fee payment is made prior to the Competition. Teams that do not proceed with the payment of the registration fee within the given timeframe will not be admitted to the Competition.

Each team is responsible for their own expenses—ICC will not cover costs for travel and hotel accommodation. There are no scholarship nor registration waivers available for this programme.

If you have any questions, please contact us via iccmediationcompetition@iccwbo.org.

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Each year, ICC accepts around 130 trained and experienced professionals from all around the world to participate in the Competition. Professionals serve as mediators in the mock mediation sessions or as judges by evaluating and scoring the students’ performance.

Basic requirements for participation as a professional include, among other things, formal and thorough mediation training, as well as practice in mediating commercial disputes.

Selection process

The Organising Committee selects professionals based on the following criteria (in no particular order):

  • mediation qualification
  • mediation accreditation
  • experience in (commercial) mediation
  • other relevant dispute resolution experience and professional background
  • availability
  • English language skills
  • cross-cultural experience
  • experience in conducting mediation and ADR trainings


While professionals are not expected to be present for the entirety of the Competition, preference will be given to those who with greater availably.

To ensure the quality of the event remains at a high-level, all professionals will be expected to participate in a preparatory training session on 6 February 2020 at ICC’s Global Headquarters.


ICC is not able to cover costs for travel and hotel accommodation, meaning each participant is responsible for his or her own expenses. However, the Organising Committee will provide participating professionals with a list of hotels with which ICC has agreed on special rates.

All professionals are invited to various social events that take place during the Competition.


Applications are now open. The deadline for applications is 31 October 2019. Nevertheless, applications will be considered on a rolling basis and ICC reserves the right to close applications earlier than the set deadline, if the maximum number of professionals has been reached.

Interested professionals are therefore strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

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Every year a group of international volunteers supports the Organising Committee during the Competition. Volunteers act mainly as “Mediation Session Supervisors” and also help with a wide range of other tasks throughout the event’s duration.

Please note that there will be no monetary compensation for volunteers. As such, all travel, accommodation and other expenses are to be covered by the volunteers directly. However, all volunteers are invited to all social events and will be given the possibility—space permitting—to observe mediation sessions when they are not scheduled for other tasks.

Applications for the 2020 edition will open in September 2019.

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