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With a goal of studying legal issues affecting international business law and strengthening the links between teaching institutions and practitioners, the ICC Institute of World Business Law awards a Prize designed to support focused research in this field.

Article 1

The Institute Prize is designed to recognise excellent legal writing in the field of international commercial law, including arbitration. The Competition is open to doctoral dissertations and long essays.

Article 2

The Council of the Institute shall decide whether to award the Institute Prize biennially or triennially; determine the amount of the Institute Prize for each Competition (the “Competition”); and issue a statement outlining the conditions of entry, as well as the amount of the Institute Prize, no later than 31 December of the year preceding each Competition. The amount for the 2017 edition is €10,000.

Article 3

The Council of the Institute may vote to choose a more specific theme for each Competition.

Article 4

The work submitted for the Institute Prize should be sent to the Secretariat of the Institute (33-43, avenue du President Wilson, 75116, Paris, France) by 7 April 2017—attested by the date of the postmark.

Article 5

The Competition is open to any person—except former and current members of the ICC Institute of World Business Law, members of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and its Secretariat, employees or colleagues from jury members’ companies and/or organisations.

Candidates should not be older than 40 years of age on the closing date for entries. For this edition, the deadline is 7 April 2017.

Work can only be submitted once.

Article 6

The work shall be written in one of the two official languages of ICC: English or French. An abstract in English or French of an original work written in another language shall not be considered for the Institute Prize.

Article 7

The work must remain anonymous. Any element or reference that could enable someone to identify the author or academic institution should be erased. This includes the name of the candidate, university, professors, etc.

The name of the candidate should be stated in a separate letter also mentioning his or her nationality, date of birth and full address. In this letter, the candidate shall indicate his or her consent and the reasons for applying for the Institute Prize. The Jury will only be made aware of the identity of the candidates for each work once its decision has been taken, pursuant to Article 9 below.

The work should be sent as one paper copy, as well as one PDF electronic via email. It is necessary for the paper copy to be binded.

The work will not be returned.

The work competing for the Institute Prize must be unpublished and completed less than two years prior to the date of submission. When applying for the Institute Prize, applicants must guarantee that the work they are submitting for the Prize will remain unpublished until the day that the Institute Prize is awarded. Otherwise, the application will be considered as having been withdrawn and the work shall not be considered by the Jury.

The work shall be of a minimum of 150 pages, excluding the table of contents, bibliography, acknowledgements and other annexes.

A copy of the work will be kept in ICC archives for consultation.

Article 8

The Council of the Institute elects a Jury from its own members, comprising at least five persons of different nationalities to judge each Competition. Depending on the number of applications received, the Jury can seek assistance from other persons. These people may be other members of the Institute or external experts with relevant expertise.

A Screening Committee comprising at least three members of the Jury makes a first selection for the admissibility of the work for the Institute Prize in line with these Rules.

Article 9

The Jury is free to select the winning work, divide the Prize or not to grant the Institute Prize. If the Jury elects a winning work, the Institute Prize shall be presented at the ICC Institute of World Business Law Annual Meeting. For this edition, the event will be held on 1 December 2017.

The Chairman of the Institute shall be informed of the Jury’s decision. The Jury’s decision shall be final. It does not need to justify the reasoning behind its decision.

The Institute reserves the right to modify or cancel the Competition, if circumstances arise. The Institute will then not be held liable for damages.

Article 10

Authors shall retain the copyright of their work and are free to publish them once the Jury’s decision has been announced. The winner is encouraged to mention the Institute Prize in any subsequent publication.

Article 11

Modifications to the present Rules can be made by the Institute Council.

Article 12

By submitting an entry, candidates agree to all the above Rules.

For any questions regarding the Rules or the Institute Prize, please contact us via email.