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As part of ICC’s global offering of online and in-person professional development opportunities, the ICC Institute of World Business Law works year-round to host a wide range of trainings and events—the majority of which are open to non-members.

Find out which of these events is coming to your region this year on our Knowledge 2 Go platform or contact the ICC Director for your region to indicate your interest.


Annual ICC Institute Conference

The annual conference of the ICC Institute is the occasion for legal experts to deliberate on a topical issue and contribute towards reflection on new practices in international arbitration. It gathers international business practitioners, legal experts and academics to deliberate on a dedicated topic. Previous conference focus topics include Expedited Procedures in International Arbitration and Dispute prevention in International Procedures. The conference features first-rate speakers, topical discussions and relevant news and an excellent opportunity to network. Each participant receives a complimentary copy of the ICC Institute book on Expedited Procedures in International Arbitration.

Joint Symposium of Arbitrators with Queen Mary College

Joint Symposium Of Arbitrators With Queen Mary College

Co-organised by the ICC Institute, the School of International Arbitration (SIA) and the School of Law at Queen Mary, University of London topics covered this event is open to all. Previous topics have included opening up awards in international arbitration and abuse of process in international arbitration.

Professional development

The ICC Institute’s programmes are developed by some of the most experienced international arbitration practitioners in the world. CLE/MCLE/CPD/CNB Credits/hours may be available depending on the jurisdiction. Trainings are available in English, as well as French and Portuguese.

One-day trainings

Intermediate-Level for Arbitration Practitioners

Our intermediate-level trainings are designed with the arbitration practitioner in mind. Learning outcomes include an understanding of the following:

  • Should arbitrators act as settlement facilitators?
  • Direct and Indirect Settlement Facilitation by Arbitrators
  • Drafting an Award by Consent: ICC Practice

Intermediate-Level Training for Tribunal Secretaries and Future Arbitrators

Learning outcomes include an understanding of the following:

  • Benefits and advantages of Tribunal Secretaries on the arbitration proceedings and the controversy of their role
  • Arbitrators, parties and ICC perspective on the tasks of Tribunal Secretaries
  • Understand the appointing of Tribunal Secretaries
  • Explore the role of Tribunal Secretaries from the first contact with the Parties until the award
  • Develop excellent skills through a practical case on drafting TORs and POs

Intermediate-Level Training for Lawyers and In-House Counsel

Learning outcomes include an understanding of the following:

  • Understand the oral versus written advocacy from counsel and tribunal perspectives
  • Learn and practice first-class skills for opening statements, hearing, closing statements and post-hearing
  • Perform an effective cross-examination

Advanced-Level Primarily for Arbitrators and Future Arbitrators

Learning outcomes include an understanding of the following:

  • Acquire best practices and different styles for rendering a fully convincing award
  • Master techniques on drafting challenging awards
  • Learn and practice the process behind the ICC Court Award Scrutiny
  • Witness the discussions of the ICC Court while reviewing a draft award through a mock case

Series on Arbitration

Training on International Commercial Arbitration – PIDA Level 1

This training provides an understanding of the ICC Arbitration procedure through practical and interactive sessions. Participants will study the arbitration proceedings through the simulation of a mock case. No previous knowledge of ICC Arbitration is required.

Training on International Commercial Arbitration – PIDA Level 2

This advanced-level training offers in-depth insight into the ICC Arbitration procedure through practical and dynamic sessions. Participants will study the arbitration proceedings through the simulation of a complex mock case. Some knowledge of ICC Arbitration is recommended.

Masterclass for Arbitrators

This training is an opportunity to reinforce knowledge of the fundamentals of international commercial arbitration and learn about the latest developments and best practices related to serving as an international arbitrator. A resume is requested to register and candidates will be accepted upon experience.

ICC Arbitration Academy

This advanced-level training covers the main stages of an arbitration proceeding from an arbitrator’s point of view. Take place over a two-year period, participants are provided with a list of required and recommended reading for each workshop. A resume is requested to register and candidates will be accepted upon experience; whether they are native to or based in the region where the programme is being held; and if they speak English.

Series on Contracts

International Contracts Training

This training outlines the solutions to the main problems arising in international contracts—from how to preserve relationships between parties for the long term to the main strategies and techniques to negotiate a contract and how to avoid and resolve disputes. Participants will be able to tackle these and other issues with the help of a mock case and working groups exercises.

Advanced International Contracts Training

This advanced-level training focuses on the main issues that occur when dealing with international contracts. Participants will gain practical experience through the help of a complex mock case and working groups exercises.

Masterclass on M&A Contracts 

This Masterclass is designed specifically around mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and includes topics such as conditions precedent, reps and warranties, buyer protection, post-closing issues. Participants will be guided through mock M&A negotiations by professionals with hands-on experience gained as part of corporate management teams.

Events Exclusive for ICC Institute Members

Colloquium for Arbitrators

An exclusive event organised for ICC Institute Members, this yearly meeting attracts some of most experienced international arbitrations practitioners in the world. The confernece is free of charge.

Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Held annually and organised worldwide, these informal meetings are reserved for ICC Institute members only. They represent an invaluable opportunity to network and exchange on the latest developments regarding international business law. Some of the topics covered in past editions include new trends in awards’ annulment; multi-tier, complex or pathological arbitration clauses; integrity and efficiency in decision making processes.

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