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Understanding the basics of trade: trade opportunities, product visibility and IP assets

Identify trade opportunities with the Global Trade Helpdesk, get to know the basics of trade with tailored guides and courses, showcase your products with the ATA Carnet, and learn to leverage your intellectual property assets with an IP diagnostics tool.

Identify Trade Opportunities

The first step in your trade journey is to explore commercial opportunities internationally. This will involves conducting initial market research to identify potential customers or suppliers in foreign markets. Detect where demand for your goods and services will come from, classify your product for customs purposes, check for any benefits from regional trade agreements and explore available distribution methods. 

ICC has partnered with the International Trade Centre to promote the Global Trade Helpdesk, a one-stop-shop to explore trade opportunities and access information about imports, market dynamics, tariffs, regulatory requirements, and potential buyers.

ITC Export Potential Map

ITC Global Trade Helpdesk (in partnership with ICC)

Get the Basics Right

Trading goods and services across borders comes with its own set of rules and practices. Whether you are importing or exporting products – or looking to establish a commercial presence in a foreign market – mastering key trade processes will give you a lasting competitive edge. From customs requirements to contractual arrangements, financing trade and organising logistics, assess and sharpen your export-import readiness

ICC’s Export/Import Guide – 5th edition

ICC’s Export/Import Guide has introduced a generation of international trade professionals to the essential rules and standard practices of export-import.

ICC Academy

The ICC Academy offers several training courses and certificates that can help prepare your business for a successful export journey

Showcase your products 

Out of sight, out of mind. To secure visibility in foreign markets, successful exporters frequently showcase their products trade fairs, exhibitions and roadshows with potential customers and distributors. This is a powerful means to build demand for your products and establish relationships with potential customers.

The ICC ATA Carnet can help you speed through customs with duty and tax-free permits for temporary export and import of goods in over 80 countries/customs territories.

Learn how the ATA Carnet can help you

Get in touch with ATA Carnet issuers in your country

Leverage your IP Assets

International trade offers both opportunities to leverage your IP assets and grow your business, as well as specific risks that need to be properly measured and addressed. When operating internationally, IP is an important consideration in respect of your providers, licensors, customers and competitors.

Wipo Intellectual Property Diagnostics

ICC and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) have partnered to develop an Intellectual Property Diagnostics tool that can help your business identify its IP assets and generate tailored guidance for your IP and business competitiveness.

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