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Executing your transactions: trade finance, export documents and local regulation

ICC is your go-to partner to help you execute your transaction. Master trade finance with globally recognized training courses and navigate local laws and regulation by leveraging ICC services, such as the Certificates of Origine, and tailored guidance.

Finance your import/export

When trading goods and services, financing and payment modalities will play a major role to align your working capital needs with your international growth strategy. Trade finance can provide useful financial instruments and products to facilitate international trade and reconcile your needs with those of your business partner. 

The ICC Academy offers globally recognised courses that can help you better understand the myriad financial instruments of trade finance and how they can support your business in its export journey. 

ICC Academy courses

The ICC Academy offers several training courses and certificates that can help prepare your business for a successful export journey

Export documents 

When exporting your goods, the customs authorities from the importing country will require several documents from you, including your export invoice, import or export declarations, a bill of lading or airway bill etc. Very frequently, you or your company’s agent will be asked to present a Certificate of Origin. 

More than 800 chambers of Commerce issue Certificates of Origin in conformity with the official guidelines from the ICC World Chambers Federation. 

This accreditation provides guarantee recognition and traceability for every Certificate of Origin issued under the umbrella of the ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF): 

Get your Certificate of Origin from one of our accredited chambers 

Navigate laws and regulations 

Much like in domestic trade, international transactions must comply with their own set of rules. As you move products and services from one market to another you will first have to consider international sources of law and regulation, consisting of international conventions and customary practices that form binding rules for those involved in international trade. You will also have to consider regional or national rules, consisting of laws and regulations that govern the entry and circulation of goods and services, as well as business practices in a specific market. 

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