ATA Carnet

ATA Carnets are international customs documents permitting the duty-free and tax-free temporary export and import of goods for up to one year. Carnets are the easiest way to speed through Customs and to save money.


More than 185,000 ATA Carnets were issued in 2017, covering goods valued at US$ 26 billion. 

These goods include:

  • Commercial samples
  • Professional equipment
  • Goods for presentation or use at trade fairs, shows and other types of exhibitions

In fact, if you can name it and it is not consumable or perishable, then it can probably be covered by an ATA Carnet. That means almost everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary: computers, repair tools, photographic and film equipment, musical instruments, industrial machinery, vehicles, jewellery, clothing, medical appliances and aircraft, race horses, old masters, prehistoric relics, ballet costumes and rock group sound systems.

The list is endless…

What’s more, equipped with an ATA Carnet, you can:

  • make advance customs arrangements at a predetermined cost
  • visit several countries
  • use your ATA Carnet for several trips during its one-year validity
  • return to your home country with your goods without problems or delays

In every country in the ATA Chain, a guaranteeing organisation – approved by its respective Customs and the ICC World Chambers Federation – administers the operation of the ATA Carnet System.

But what does ATA mean?

“ATA” is an acronym of the French and English words “Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission” but you may have heard Carnets referred to as “Passports for goods” or “Merchandise passports”.

ATA Carnets brochures:  

ATA Carnet

ATA carnet at work

The ATA Carnet system is a prime example of how close cooperation between business and customs can facilitate and stimulate international trade.

ATA Carnet

ATA carnet in your country

The World ATA Carnet Council gathers the national guaranteeing organisations from the 78 countries where the ATA Carnet is in force today.


eATA Carnet Project

An ongoing initiative led by ICC, in cooperation with the World Customs Organization, paving the way for the digital future of trade with electronic ATA Carnets.

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