Competitive markets

Guidelines for cooperation agreements among competitors 

  • 20 September 2023

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Responding to a public consultation, ICC evaluated the updated European Commission guidelines for horizontal cooperation agreements (HGL) and block exemption regulations (HBERs), urging the consideration of small business needs and imperative for increased clarity and legal certainty.

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With a longstanding pivotal role in driving business priorities, ICC gathered business views on one of the most significant European reforms in competition and several types of cooperation agreements relating to R&D, specialisation, purchase, commercialisation, information exchange, standardisation and sustainability. 

In the comments, ICC  

While the feedback and recommendations were intended for the European Commission to help develop and refine the guidelines for horizontal cooperation agreements and block exemption regulations, the comments are also relevant to 

businesses seeking to gain a better understanding of the potential implications of the guidelines and regulations on their own horizontal cooperation agreements 

public authorities and regulators responsible for enforcing competition law and overseeing horizontal cooperation agreements 

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Read also our summary of the final guidelines, including ICC recommendations that were taken into account in the final text.