Competitive markets

Competition in generative AI and virtual worlds

  • 13 March 2024

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Responding to the European Commission's call for contributions, ICC acknowledges the potential impact of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual worlds on competition and innovation in the digital economy and highlights the need for appropriate policy instruments to address societal and ethical concerns.

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Generative AI is a rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence capable to produce novel and realistic content, such as text, images, audio or video, based on existing data or models. Generative AI has a vast range of applications across numerous sectors and domains, such as education, entertainment, health, finance, manufacturing, and public services. Virtual worlds are immersive digital environments that simulate physical or imaginary worlds and allow users to interact with them for different purposes, such as entertainment, education, social networking, or business.

What does the global business community think about competition in generative AI?

This paper, intended for the European Commission, mirrors businesses’ experiences with and view on competition in generative AI and virtual worlds.

In the paper, ICC  

By contributing business views and input, ICC helps the European Commission address the challenges posed by these new technologies and maintain competition in the EU Single Market.

While the comments were intended for the European Commission, the following actors may gain valuable insights:

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