Six actions ICC is taking for the G20

  • 10 November 2014
ICC Global governance

The 2014 G20 Summit, taking place in Brisbane, Australia on 15-16 November, unites leaders from countries representing about two-thirds of the world’s population and 85% of the world’s economic output.

Together they work to forge agreement on many of the world’s most pressing economic issues. Amid the action, ICC is making important contributions to the process on behalf of business. Here are six ways how:

We have pressed for the inclusion of business views at the highest level

The work of the G20 is a natural focal point for ICC. This is because ICC’s mixed membership of advanced and emerging economies can more effectively tackle problems that transcend national boundaries and which governments are increasingly unable to resolve on their own.

We have developed constructive and actionable policy recommendations…

ICC policy development benefits from the input of close to 3,000 business experts engaged across 12 ICC policy commissions, from anti-corruption and banking, to environment and energy, trade, digital economy and intellectual property.

 …And have achieved leadership positions on major G20 task forces

With leadership positions in three of the four task forces established under the Australian B20 process, we have been able to advance a number of ICC priorities. These include trade, investment and infrastructure, financing for development, anticorruption and taxation.

We have tapped into our global network to understand what matters

ICC’s global network extends to over 6 million companies and associations in over 130 countries. This unique and extensive global network gives ICC an unrivalled position to garner the input of business worldwide – businesses large and small, in every geographical region and in all sectors.

We are a platform for continuity in the process between Summits

ICC has been engaged in the B20 and G20 policy process since its inception (and formerly with the G8). It has held regular consultations with business leaders (in places such as Istanbul, Kunshan, China and Washington DC this year) and also conducted a global survey. In fact, preparations for next year’s G20 Summit in Turkey are already well underway.

We represent the views of top business leaders and CEOs

ICC’s G20 Advisory Group, comprising business leaders and CEOs from major global corporations, effectively targets G20 policy development on a worldwide scale. Business at the highest levels is concerned with the G20’s work programme and our G20 Advisory Group is committed to do all it can to drive the global economic recovery and drive sustainable growth for the future.

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