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The G20 has emerged as the central global forum for international economic cooperation, with an expanding policy agenda that bears upon a broad spectrum of business issues—from trade to sustainable development.

In this context, ICC acts as a unique forum to inform the G20 policy process—leveraging our direct links with governments in each of the G20 economies.

ICC’s work in this area is guided by the G20 CEO Advisory Group, which comprises top business leaders from major global corporations. The group aims to establish an enduring, legitimate voice of global business—and is recognised by G20 governments as the primary source of business expertise on the global policy agenda.

The group mobilises worldwide policy-making expertise and solicits priorities and recommendations from companies and business organisations of all sizes and in all regions of the world. The group is composed of over 30 CEOs and business leaders working to ensure that the voice of business is heard by governments, the public and the media before, during and after each Summit.

In the run up to Leaders’ Summits, we  champion policies to support trade-led growth in view of growing populist and protectionist pressures in many of the world’s leading economies. The next G20 Summit will be held 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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