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Sanders of Microsoft appointed new Chair of ICC Marketing Commission

  • 20 January 2012
ICC Internet governance

ICC has appointed Brent Sanders, to serve as new Chair of its Commission on Marketing and Advertising.

Mr Sanders leads the advertising, promotions and retail legal team at Microsoft. He is also the primary legal counsel to Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer. As Associate General Counsel, he is responsible for the legal management of Microsoft’s global advertising and marketing campaigns, making Mr Sanders and his team trusted advisors to several thousand marketers and retail professionals at Microsoft. Active in self-regulatory and new legislative developments that impact the advertising community, Mr Sanders is a member of the Association of National Advertisers Legal Affairs Committee and the Children’s Advertising Review Unit Supporters Council of the Better Business Bureau. He most recently served as Vice-Chair of the ICC Marketing and Advertising Commission and as Chair of the committee that mirrors it in the US. John Manfredi, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Manloy Associates, who has headed the Marketing and Advertising Commission for 23 years, strongly endorsed Mr Sanders as new Chair. “I am honoured to accept this appointment and to take the helm of the commission from such an esteemed and effective Chair,” said Mr Sanders. “With the new ICC Code, we have stayed on course to help industry face the challenges of responsible marketing, particularly in light of new technology and practice.” Mr Sanders noted his goals for the coming years include expanding and diversifying commission membership and ensuring that the commission continues to help industry set best marketing practice. In addition, the commission will work to develop new digital assets to better implement the newly revised Consolidated ICC Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice through training with the ICC Business Action for Responsible Marketing and Advertising initiative. ICC has been a major rule-setter in international advertising self-regulation since 1937, when the ICC Commission on Marketing and Advertising first issued the ICC Code on Advertising Practice – one of the most successful examples of business self-regulation ever developed. The revised Code was recently launched along with, a one-stop resource for industry, regulators and academics on self-regulation and advertising. With the new Code, the commission will work actively with self-regulatory bodies throughout the world for its adoption and implementation. Click here for further information on the work of the ICC Commission on Marketing and Advertising.