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ICC provides guidance on the ever-changing landscape of modern marketing and advertising marketing and advertising issues, promoting effective self-regulation that is harmonized to best practice around the world.

A system by which the advertising, marketing and media industry set voluntary rules and standards of practice that go beyond their legal obligations, self-regulation builds trust with consumers by ensuring advertising that is honest, legal, decent and truthful, and providing quick and easy redress when transgressions occur.

From principles for regulation of responsible marketing related to children to checklists for marketers and their agencies to evaluate environment claims, ICC continues to promote the benefits of self-regulation as a means to secure consumer trust and preserve a dynamic marketplace where innovation flourishes.

The Consolidated ICC Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice is the gold standard for self-regulation. Since its introduction in 1937, it has served as the cornerstone for the codes of most self-regulatory systems in existence today.

Self-regulatory systems with rules based on the ICC Code are operating in over 35 countries, across six continents.

In addition to the common foundation they provide, the value of the ICC codes is in their flexibility to apply to local law and culture while being regularly updated and adapted to address new practice and technology developments.

The codes are produced with wide consultation among industry representatives and experts within ICC membership and beyond it to ensure widespread support and consensus.