IP Roadmap in Russian launched today at Expo-priority Conference in Moscow

  • 9 December 2010
ICC Innovation

The Russian translation of the 10th edition of ICC's Intellectual Property Roadmap was launched today at the second International Forum of Intellectual Property, entitled Expopriority' 2010, which is currently taking place in Moscow from 7-9 December.

The Intellectual Property (IP) Roadmap has been translated into Russian for the first time, demonstrating ICC’s commitment to the Russian-speaking business community, and ensuring its engagement and influence on the major IP issues it faces.

Pavel Savitsky whose firm, Mannheimer Swartling, translated the roadmap into Russian, said: “The IP Roadmap provides a unique overview of key developments in IP policy and is much appreciated by the business community and policymakers worldwide. We are very pleased that the Russian version will allow Russian-speaking business people, specialists and policymakers to benefit from insights by international experts on the most pressing IP policy issues of today.”

Brand protection in Russia is on the rise with Russian trademark registrations having increased by 46% from 2004 to 2009. This is the largest increase of any major trademark-protecting country worldwide and signals Russia’s growing prominence as a viable commercial market for the world’s manufacturers.

At the Expo-Priority launch of the Roadmap David Koris, Chair of the ICC Commission on Intellectual Property, and Head and General Counsel, Intellectual Property Services, Shell International, stated: “Those of us representing private industry know that the success of many of the global challenges that face us – such as ensuring sustainable development or the development of green technology to aid in climate control – depend on private industry being engaged as a partner, since the majority of the technology, capital and know-how will be ultimately be delivered by this group.  Where the solutions to these global challenges depend on new technology being created, it is not surprising that the role of IP rights figures prominently in the discussion. As a partner, it is incumbent on all of us to speak out about the benefits IP rights in promoting the development and deployment of technologies.”

In her welcoming address at the conference, Tatiana Monaghan, Secretary General, ICC Russia said: “The protection of intellectual capital in the form of IP rights is in the interest of all market participants. Creation, technological innovation, investment, and economic growth all depend on improving the existing legal system to protect the results of intellectual activity. Putting into place a well-functioning and robust IP system and properly addressing the issue of counterfeiting and piracy will greatly contribute to Russia’s ability to protect and foster its innovation potential.”

The 10th edition of the roadmap addresses the interaction between IP and other policy areas such as economic development, the environment, technology development and transfer, competition policy, the use of open source software and data privacy. It also examines cross-cutting issues such as enforcement, problems in international litigation and on the Internet, the arbitration and mediation of IP disputes, counterfeiting and piracy, and the exhaustion of IP rights.

“The 2010 edition integrates significant new developments in the IP field – such as increased cooperation by patent offices to address the patent backlog – and approaches the important issue of technology transfer in a more holistic manner, including in the area of climate change,” said Ron Myrick, Chair of the ICC task force that prepared the publication. “We have also increased our focus on topics which are receiving more attention, such as client privilege for professional IP advice and domain names.”

The 2010 edition of the ICC IP Roadmap is also available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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