ICC reaches arbitration milestone with case 28,000

  • 15 September 2023

The ICC International Court of Arbitration has registered the 28,000th case under the ICC Arbitration Rules, marking a significant milestone in its centenary year.

The 28,000th registered dispute concerns a major FIDIC infrastructure project that experienced delays due to COVID-19. The case involves a total of four parties, located in North and South Asia. The arbitration is administered by ICC’s case management office in Singapore, which celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. As in previous years, 25% of the parties in ICC cases came from Asia and the Pacific. In 2022, construction and energy disputes accounted for 45% of registered cases.

Alexander Fessas, Secretary General of the ICC Court said: “The milestone of 28,000 cases is a significant achievement for the ICC Court, particularly during our centenary year. The filing of 28,000 cases under the ICC Arbitration Rules not only demonstrates the trust parties, across sectors and geographies, have in ICC to resolve their commercial disputes but also confirms the widespread use of ICC Arbitration in construction projects administered under FIDIC forms of contracts, across different regions of the world. More generally, it reflects the growing use of our services in North and South Asia which accounted for case submissions from 268 parties in 2022.”

In line with ICC’s reputation as the world’s preferred arbitral institution, the majority of ICC arbitrations involve cross-border and cross-regional disputes. The reopening of the ICC Hearing Centre in Paris in 2024 signals the ICC Court’s commitment to remaining the leading arbitral centre and support to Paris as a place of arbitration. ICC’s Dispute Resolution Statistics report for 2022, with more data on ICC Arbitration and ADR, will be released later this year.

Strong ICC presence in Asia

The ICC Court has a strong presence in Asia and the Pacific region. It is the only arbitral institution with two case management teams in and from Asia and the Pacific, one in Singapore and one in Hong Kong which marks its 15th anniversary this year. The ICC Court continues to pioneer thought leadership, knowledge sharing and outreach initiatives in the region through the work of ICC Dispute Resolution Services offices in Singapore and Shanghai. The annual ICC APAC Conference on International Arbitration has consistently garnered interest from the APAC region and beyond in line with the purpose and mission of the ICC Court in its centenary year.

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