ICC lecture series advances IP proficiency in Russia

  • 6 December 2012

The first in a four-part series of ICC lectures on intellectual property (IP) took place last Friday in Saint Petersburg State University.

One of Russia’s most prestigious universities, Saint Petersburg State University currently offers no specific courses in intellectual property. Featuring ICC experts from law firms and companies, the visiting lecturer series aims to raise awareness of the importance of IP, and the link between business strategy, innovation and creation and IP rights among young Russians in light of Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization and increased prominence given to the issue.

Addressing different aspects of IP, the series will initially run until the end 2013 and is open to all university students and faculty.

IP expert David Koris, General Counsel and head of IP at Shell International, presented the inaugural lecture, which focused on IP asset generation and related agreements.

“IP has become a key issue for businesses and policymakers alike. The entrepreneurs, founders of start-up companies and work force of tomorrow need to be familiar with the interplay between business planning, technical and creative efforts, and IP rights to be able to compete in the global marketplace,” he said referring students to the recently launched Russian edition of ICC’s Intellectual Property Roadmap. “It is essential that education on this issue is made available to Russia’s future professionals, scientists and policymakers so that they understand how IP is a key factor in stimulating economic activity and creating employment.”

Mr Koris, who is also Chair of the ICC Commission on Intellectual Property, addressed nearly 200 students. Featuring quizzes and case studies the dynamic lecture began with some insight into the role of IP at Shell and outlined the way developed technology is licensed and used within a company and its partners and subsidiaries.

Mr Koris also gave an introduction to the mechanisms and reflexes necessary to manage and protect confidential and technological information in a commercial environment, and discussed methods of protection such as trade secret protection and patents.

The lecture series is in line with ICC objectives to promote efficient IP systems that support international trade, encourage investment in creation and innovation, and facilitate sustainable economic development.

In 2013 Ingrid Baele, Vice-President, Business Management Office, Philips Intellectual Property and Standards will present a second lecture followed later in the year by Pavel Savitsky, Senior Associate, Mannheimer Swartling, and representatives from Microsoft.

For more information visit the ICC Commission on Intellectual Property.

Download the ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap in Russian and other languages.