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ICC grants Merchants of Peace Awards in Doha

  • 23 April 2013
ICC Court

ICC has presented Victor K. Fung, ICC Honorary Chairman and Chair of the ICC Business World Trade Agenda, and Adnan Kassar, former ICC Chairman, with the ICC Merchant of Peace Award.

The award is granted to individuals who continue to draw inspiration from ICC’s founders - the “Merchants of Peace”
The award is granted to individuals who continue to draw inspiration from ICC’s founders – the “Merchants of Peace”

The Award is established by the world business organization to recognize members of the business community who have made a significant contribution to advancing ICC’s mission to promote peace and prosperity through international trade and investment.

“Mr Fung and Mr Kassar have provided exemplary leadership and support for the expansion of ICC’s work and presence throughout the world, contributing their experience and expertise to make ICC’s work on policy, arbitration and business practices relevant and useful to businesses everywhere. It is because of contributions like theirs that the ICC global network now numbers over 6.5 million companies in 130 countries,” said ICC Secretary General Jean-Guy Carrier. “ICC has been fortunate to have such exemplary leaders and it is a privilege to present them, on behalf of the ICC Executive Board, with the Merchants of Peace Medal.” 

Playing an active role in the ICC Chairmanship since 2006, Mr Fung has continued to oversee the improvement and expansion of ICC. As an international businessman, Mr Fung shares the ideals of the ICC founders that trade is the life blood of the global economy and underscores the importance of promoting world trade on a level playing field. He has undertaken this mission as his own and leads the ICC Business World Trade Agenda initiative, which will harvest elements of the Doha Round of trade negotiations. Mr Fung is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the ICC Research Foundation, an independent research body that contributes to public knowledge, education and debate on the benefits of global trade and investment.

Mr Fung said: “The entrepreneurs who founded ICC in 1919 called themselves the Merchants of Peace, believing, as I do, that business and world trade offer a path to world peace. This is a marvellous way of describing the fundamental purpose of ICC and I am proud to have been part of this great organization for the past seven years. I can only hope to continue nurturing ICC’s message through continued collaboration.”

In 1973, Mr Kassar established ICC Lebanon and remained at the helm of this national committee until 2005. He also served as ICC Chairman from 1999-2000, during which time he strengthened links with China, East Asia, Eastern Europe, and some Arab and African countries. Mr Kassar succeeded in advancing ICC ties with organizations such as the United Nations, the G7, the World Trade Organization and the World Bank with the aim of promoting ICC’s mission. During his term he was instrumental in establishing 14 national committees, including ICC Qatar, and played an important role in meeting the challenge of the UN Global Compact.

“It is a great pleasure and honour to be presented with this prestigious award. This is personally gratifying, not only because I have always had and continue to have the interests of ICC deep in my heart, but also because I am a sincere believer in peace and stability as preconditions for economic development and prosperity. This was in fact the main theme of my ICC Presidency term in 1999 and 2000,” said Mr Kassar.

The award is granted to individuals who continue to draw inspiration from ICC’s founders, known as the“Merchants of Peace”, and whose dedication and hard work have assisted ICC in promoting world peace through world trade for over 90 years. The Merchant of Peace Medal is a representation of a bust by the artist August Rodin of the founding President of ICC Etienne Clementel. On the back it bears the inscription “ICC Merchant of Peace.” The recipients’ names will be included on the Wall of Honour in the new ICC headquarters and in the official ICC Merchants of Peace book.

The recipients of the ICC Merchants of Peace Award are chosen by the ICC leadership. The nominations of candidates to be honoured by the Merchant of Peace Award are encouraged from the ICC global network of national committees, the World Chambers Federation, individual companies and the ICC Secretariat.

For more information about the award visit the ICC Executive Board.