World Chambers Congress

ICC accelerates preparations for future editions of the World Chambers Congress

  • 23 November 2020

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is forging ahead with preparations for the 12th and 13th editions of the World Chambers Congress, which will take place in 2021 and 2023 respectively.

Preparations for the 12th World Chambers Congress, which will take place from 23-25 November, 2021, in Dubai, are moving forward at a determined pace. With only one year remaining until the 12th World Chambers Congress, ICC and Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry are working together to identify session speakers, finalise the agenda, and coordinate logistics to ensure a productive experience for all participants.

Under the theme “Generation Next: Chambers 4.0”, the 12th World Chambers Congress will address how technology is reshaping the future of global trade. Representatives from business, government, civil society and chambers of commerce will unite in Dubai to learn how chambers can navigate the ever-evolving conditions of global trade and remain relevant to their local communities. As with previous editions, the 12th World Chambers Congress will provide chamber leaders with an opportunity to share best-practices, participate in cross-industry dialogues and discuss solutions that will address existing challenges. The 12th World Chambers Congress coincides with Expo 2020 Dubai, which is coming to the region for the first time, and will give participants the opportunity to attend “The World’s Greatest Show”.

Mr Denton with members of the 12th World Chambers Congress team.

During a General Council meeting of ICC’s World Chamber Federation (WCF), representatives from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry met with counterparts from ICC Global Headquarters in Paris to formalise the planning details for the upcoming Congress. Most notably, WCF Chair Hamad Buamim, who also serves as CEO of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, updated members of the General Council on the arrangements being made in preparation for the 12th World Chambers Congress.

Competition to co-organise 2023 World Chambers Congress progresses

While the 12th World Chambers Congress is just one year away, the bidding process to co-organise the 13th World Chambers Congress in 2023 is already underway. Taking place in Europe, chambers of commerce from across the region have been competing for the chance to welcome the 13th World Chambers Congress. Coinciding with the WCF General Council meeting, the following candidates presented their bidding presentations for the 2023 edition:

Mr Buamim speaks with chambers competing to co-organise the 13th World Chambers Congress.

Having completed their presentations, candidates will now have to wait until March 2020 when the final decision will be announced.