3 reasons to submit your thesis for the ICC Institute Prize

  • 27 March 2019
ICC Institute Prize

Calling all professionals under the age of 40. If you are writing a doctoral dissertation or long essay of 150 pages or more on the subject of international commercial law, including arbitration, share your work for a chance to win the 2019 ICC Institute Prize. With the deadline closing on 5 April, this is your last opportunity to enter the competition.

The think-tank behind ICC’s research, training and development of the legal profession, the ICC Institute of World Business Law, is set to award one outstanding individual for legal writing excellence. Here are three reasons why you should participate.

1. Get recognition within a global network of leading dispute resolution professionals

All entries to the Prize are reviewed by a jury comprising seven members of the ICC Institute, including Nayla Comair-Obeid, a Partner at Obeid Law Firm and Professor of international commercial arbitration at the Lebanese University; and Ercument Erdem, a Partner at Erdem and Erdem and Professor of commercial law at the Galatasaray University. Mr Erdem also is the Chair of the jury. What’s more, winners of the Prize are presented during the Annual Conference of the ICC Institute, a valuable networking event that is set to be held in Paris on 17 December.  More than 100 professionals are expected to attend.

As a joint winner of the fifth edition of the ICC Institute Prize for her thesis on attorney-client privilege in international commercial arbitration, Annabelle Mockesch said: “It is a great honour to receive the ICC Institute Prize. It is particularly rewarding that distinguished legal scholars and practitioners of the jury…picked my thesis as one of the winners. This really makes all the hard work that went into writing the thesis worthwhile.”

2. Showcase your innovative solutions

Since its inception 40 years ago, the ICC Institute has strengthened links between the academic world and legal professionals. The Prize offers young academic minds from all over the world the opportunity to share their research in an effort to help address the various legal issues that arise in international business today.

Reflecting on being a laureate of the sixth edition of the ICC Institute Prize Berk Demirkol said: “I am absolutely thrilled…that my manuscript has been granted this highly prestigious award by the esteemed members of the ICC Institute. It is thanks to this achievement that my opinions, as elaborated in my manuscript, will have the chance to reach a greater audience—and more importantly, to contribute to the literature on investment treaty arbitration.”

3. Did we mention you could win €10,000?

We know how difficult it is to write a thesis and realise the time and effort that have been dedicated to elaborating on your ideas. Thanks to our generous Prize sponsors, the ICC Institute will present the winner of the ICC Institute Prize with a check for €10,000.

Visit our dedicated page to learn more about the ICC Institute Prize and how to apply.

The 2015 ICC Institute Prize - Award Ceremony