Five chambers from Australia, Bulgaria and France have joined the International Certificate of Origin Accreditation Chain during the ICC World Chamber Federation’s (WCF) International Certificate of Origin Council (ICOC) meeting in Colombo.

The event was hosted by ICC Sri Lanka on 18-19 November 2014 and gathered chamber trade facilitation experts from 30 countries.

“The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to join the Certificate of Origin Chain. As the assessment body in Australia for documentary evidence of origin, our entry into this network represents a good fit with our existing standards. Our new membership is also in line with the global push towards trade facilitation and harmonization of customs procedures.

We look forward to working with ICC WCF on the rollout of the Certificate of Origin scheme in the coming months,” said Kate Carnell, CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).

ACCI was also appointed as 10th member of the International Certificate of Origin Accreditation Committee.

The Council session, chaired by Peter Bishop, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the London Chamber of Commerce, was an opportunity for members to provide input and learn more about the work of the ICC Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation.

ICC Policy Manager Donia Hammami outlined the priorities of the Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation as well as ICC’s close ties with the World Customs Organization. The benefits of partnerships between business and customs were part of the discussion and chambers were invited to share their experiences and activities.

Mr Bishop said: “Our discussion with Ms Hammami allowed us to interact and share perspectives on needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises, and the natural role of chambers as trade facilitators.”

A roundtable also opened the floor to receive  feedback from chambers on ICC’s position on defining non-preferential rules of origin.

A report paper concerning the role of chambers in trade facilitation, prepared by WCF, was circulated to participants to gather their input. This official paper aims to reinforce chambers’ position as trusted third parties and to clarify their common standing on new issues defining trade facilitation.

An electronic Certificate of Origin statement was also endorsed by the e Certificate of Origin (eCO) Task Force and the members of the Certificate of Origin Council, allowing chambers understanding of and defining eCO terminology to better address issues relating to eCO acceptance by customs. This official statement can be found on the Chamber services page.

The meeting was followed by a workshop on the ATA Carnet system with ICC Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan customs authorities and the World ATA Carnet Council. The ATA Carnet is managed globally through the ICC World Chambers Federation.

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