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The ICC WCF International Certificate of Origin Accreditation Chain (CO Chain) was created in September 2012 based on international guidelines to which chambers can adhere on a voluntary basis. It represents ICC WCFs commitment in its push for global harmonisation in the issuing process of COs.

ICC WCF CO Quality Label

Having signed the ICC WCF CO Protocol, chambers guarantee that they will commit to the highest level of quality, implementing transparent and accountable verification procedures. Accredited chambers will then receive a distinctive internationally-recognised quality label, reinforcing their integrity and credibility as competent trusted third parties in the issuance of COs, which appears next to their chamber stamp on the CO Form.

For chambers of commerce, being part of the CO Accreditation Chain helps reinforce and promote their central role as trade and services facilitators. Membership of the Accreditation Chain reassures businesses, traders, banks and customs administrations that their COs have been issued according to the most stringent and harmonised standards from trusted third parties.

5 reasons to join the International CO global Accreditation Chain