The Certificate of Origins (CO) Accreditation Chain is an ICC WCF initiative to which chambers can adhere on a voluntary basis.


The Accreditation Chain affirms that chambers are mutually responsible and globally interconnected, assuring businesses, traders, banks and customs administrations that COs are issued in accordance with international best practices.

In joining the Accreditation Chain, chambers can take advantage of a range of tailored services and benefits once having signed the ICC WCF CO Protocol.

The agreement certifies that chambers of commerce will commit to issue CO with the highest level of quality, implementing transparent and accountable verification procedures. As Accreditation Chain members, they agree to follow the ICC WCF International Certificate of Origin Guidelines, which are internationally applicable and accepted standards, as well as all national procedures.

Chambers with established CO certification structures show their solidarity in strengthening the global integrity of all chambers in issuing COs.

Benefits of becoming part of the CO Accreditation Chain include:

  • reinforced credibility to CO issuing;
  • raised level of acceptance by customs and exporters;
  • ability to offer assurance of transparent, independent, trustworthy and accountable issuing processes;
  • can provide defence against possible false declarations;
  • a guarantee of compliance with international issuance standards; and
  • the global affiliation and recognition by the use of ICC WCF CO label on CO forms.

5 reasons to join the International CO global Accreditation Chain

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