ICANN New gTLD Dispute Resolution

How to file a response

The ICC International Centre for ADR (“Centre”) will invite the party against whose application for Objection was filed to file a Response.

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Notification of the Objections

Once the Objection period is over, ICANN will publish a notice of all Objections filed. The Objection period will close will close on 13 March 2013.

Subsequently, each party against whose application an Objection was filed with ICC will be notified by the Centre and invited to file a Response.

The Response must be filed within 30 days following the Centre’s notification and invitation to file a Response. This time limit cannot be extended.

Should an Applicant not file a Response within the granted time limit, the Objector will prevail by default.

Filing a Response

A Response filed with the ICC International Centre for ADR must:

a point-by-point Response to the claims made by the Objector;

Every Response filed must be accompanied by the requisite payment of the non-refundable registration fee in the amount of EUR€5000. For details regarding the payment instructions, please consult the “Costs and Payments” section.

Each Response must be filed separately. Accordingly, an Applicant who wishes to respond to several Objections must file a separate Response regarding each Objection and pay the accompanying filing fee for each Response.