CHARLES Philippa


Ireland ; United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Arbitration cases

Case ID Date of Publication Case Status Role Appointment Method Sector of Industry Arbitrator Status Link
02432 March 2024 Pending Co-arbitrator Claimant(s) Energy Active See
02423 March 2024 Pending President Court Chemicals Active See
02136 October 2022 Closed President Co-arbitrators Tourism & hospitality Active See
02082 August 2022 Closed President Court Information technology Active See
01994 March 2022 Closed President Court Transportation, logistics and storage Active See
01369 May 2020 Closed Sole Arbitrator Parties N/A Active See
01293 December 2019 Closed Sole Arbitrator Parties N/A Active See
00619 December 2018 Closed Co-arbitrator Claimant(s) N/A Active See