Dispute resolution services

When commercial disputes arise, ICC’s market-leading dispute resolution services can be relied on to resolve them as efficiently and economically as possible. We offer a wide choice of administered procedures as an alternative to litigation for resolving domestic and international disputes. What’s more, our globally accessible and completely neutral services are available to anyone: from individuals and private sector enterprises to states and state entities.

Centenary of the ICC Court

In 2023, we’re celebrating 100 years of the ICC International Court of Arbitration®, the world’s leading arbitral institution. Since the inception of the ICC Court in 1923, we have remained at the forefront of supporting global trade and investment through dispute prevention and resolution.

Africa Commission

ICC created the Africa Commission to build capacity in the region and enhance awareness of, and access to, ICC’s dispute settlement know-how and globally reputed services.

Commission on Arbitration and ADR

To ensure we offer the best service possible, it is vital that our dispute resolution services and rules adapt to the latest legislative and technological developments and meet the evolving needs of practitioners everywhere. The Commission on Arbitration and ADR is ICC’s unique think tank and rule making body in the field of international dispute resolution, helping to achieve these aims.


Our rigorous approach, efficient processes and practical rules that cover every contractual issue have made us the leading arbitral institution. With teams across the globe, we stand ready to help you at any stage of your dispute.

Memorandums of understanding (MoUs)

To promote arbitration and serve the dispute resolution needs of users around the world, ICC undertakes collaborative efforts formalised through memorandums of understanding (MoUs).

ICANN New gTLD Dispute Resolution

In an effort to protect and support a stable Internet, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) has implemented a programme for the introduction of new generic Top-Level Domain Names (“gTLDs”). All disputes arising out of the application for new gTLDs will be resolved following the programme’s dispute resolution procedure: the New gTLD Dispute Resolution Procedure.

Arbitration Annual Conferences

We want to do more than help trading partners worldwide resolve their differences. We believe that continuous professional learning is essential to raising and maintaining global standards in the field of international dispute resolution.

Hearing centre

Discover our Hearing Centre services. Our experienced team is on hand to meet the hearing and meeting needs of the arbitration and ADR community worldwide.