International Court of Arbitration (Paris): President

ICC is calling for applications for the position of President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, which will become vacant on 1 July 2021 upon the expiry of the second term of current President Alexis Mourre.

Applications are to be made by 1 July 2020 at the latest, as follows:

  • applications shall be made in the form of a motivation letter including a detailed personal statement explaining the reasons why the candidate believes to be a suitable President of the ICC Court, including his/her vision for the Presidency and future development of the ICC Court
  • any application shall be accompanied by:
    • a detailed CV
    • a full and complete disclosure of any fact and circumstances, including professional positions in other institutions or entities and political or other membership or mandates, that could either create a conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict of interest with the ICC or any member of the Selection Committee or otherwise be detrimental to the ICC or the ICC Court’s interests and reputation
    • the full list of his/her ongoing professional commitments, including the number and the nature of cases (ICC, other institutional and ad hoc) in which he/she is sitting as an arbitrator, mediator or expert and the number of cases (ICC, other institutional, ad hoc and State court proceedings) in which he/she is participating as counsel
    • endorsement letters by at least three highly reputable arbitration practitioners from different countries.
  • applications shall be sent to the following dedicated email address: and, after screening for any declared conflicts, shall be communicated without delay by the Secretary of the Selection Committee to the Voting members and Observers of the Selection Committee.

The successful candidate shall:

  • be an internationally recognised arbitration practitioner of impeccable reputation and high professional ethics, with diverse and practical experience and familiarity with other ADR techniques
  • not be the subject of disciplinary or criminal sanctions
  • be fluent in English, other language skills being strongly desired
  • have strong communication skills, including intercultural communication, as well as management skills and strategic sensitivity
  • be ready and willing to devote a very substantial part of his/her or time to the work as President of the ICC Court
  • be able to ensure a frequent presence at  ICC Headquarters and offices for ICC Court meetings and other ICC Court activities, as well as to ensure the desired proximity between the President of the ICC Court and the ICC Court Secretariat’s management and teams
  • be ready and willing, if required to do so, to serve for two consecutive terms
  • be ready and willing to travel frequently overseas, including long distances and for long periods of time
  • be ready, as provided by the Rules, to discontinue his/her participation in any capacity in any ICC case as from the beginning of his/her term of office
  • commit to refrain from accepting any position, during his/her tenure as President, in any institution or entity providing dispute resolution services or acting as arbitration funder, and refraining from holding any interest in any such institution
  • commit to refrain from acting, during his/her tenure as President, as counsel in investor/State arbitration proceedings

The Selection Committee will also assess:

  • whether the candidate’s other activities and professional positions, in particular in the case of a candidate being a partner in a large law firm with a significant arbitration practice, as well as his/her professional commitments, are such as to create an appearance of influence or otherwise harm the ICC Court’s integrity or independence, be negatively perceived by the public, or be inconsistent with the candidate’s duty to comply with his/her duties
  • whether the candidate is in a position to maintain an appearance of neutrality and independence when interacting with parties, arbitrators, ICC Court members, ICC national committees and groups for reasons pertaining to their nationality or location

The President of the ICC Court shall be an independent consultant of ICC. The proposed terms of his/her consultancy agreement shall be communicated confidentially, under a non-disclosure agreement, to the pre-selected candidates. The Secretary General of ICC, and the President of the ICC Court as appropriate, may enter into discussions with the pre-selected candidates concerning their proposed terms of engagement.

The successful candidate will be selected by an independent selection committee, which terms of reference, describing its membership, role, as well as the timeline of the selection process and the obligations of its members is accessible here.


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